Weatherford Smart Rod-Lift Solution Increases Production
Weatherford Smart

Weatherford Smart Rod-Lift Solution Increases Production

Weatherford International plc announced its smart rod-lift solution, comprised of production optimization software, automation, and skilled engineers,

boosted uptime 42 percent and increased production 37 percent for 40 reciprocating rod-lift wells in Sumatra, Indonesia. The solution redefined the production strategy for the field, and the operator is currently installing the smart rod-lift solutions on the remaining 160 wells. The operator objectives were two-fold: First, optimize production in horizontal wells throughout a mature, 200-well, reciprocating-rod-lift asset. Second, reduce downtime caused by premature equipment wear; the pump failure rate was averaging 15 days of downtime.

Weatherford production-optimization experts assessed production in the asset along with its failure history. To combat ongoing fluid-pound issues, the team recommended upgrading the automation systems from fixed speed to variable speed. In addition, the Weatherford team recommended a WellPilot® variable-speed drive and rod-pump controller unit to regulate the pump speed throughout each stroke. As a final piece of the solution, the team recommended the Weatherford production optimization software platform to enable the operator to monitor real-time well performance.

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