Sunstyle Plant Demonstrates 1 GW Supply Ambition by 2025
Sunstyle Solar Panels

Sunstyle Plant Demonstrates 1 GW Supply Ambition by 2025

The Sunstyle production plant was officially recently launched, in the presence of the French Minister of Ecological Transition Barbara Pompili. The production

plant is aiming to supply 1 GW of solar tiles by 2025. An innovative and French-made solar tile to support the energy transitionThe Sunstyle tile is a textured glass sheet protecting solar cells. It thus transforms sunlight into clean and unlimited electrical energy. Its production capacity is 115Wp for a black tile and 85Wp for a colored one. In addition, unstyle was distinguished among the first solutions labeled by the Solar Impulse Foundation as an innovative and viable technology to protect the environment.

A watertight and esthetic solar tile that meets the highest standardsAs well as ensuring a roof’s traditional functions, such as being waterproof and allowing rain to naturally run off it, Sunstyle technology combines the production of solar electricity and contemporary esthetics respecting regional traditions. This solution aims to comply with the stringent requirements of “Architectes des Bâtiments de France”, who ensure that historic buildings and areas are not spoiled, notably in protected areas.

Lastly, this technology has been certified bytheTUV Rheinland and approved by the Scientific and Technical Center for Building, i.e. the most stringent French and international specifications in terms of construction and frame elements. It is thus ready to be deployed worldwide.

The Sunstyle solar tile combines two functions in one product: watertightness and energy production. The tiles’ size of 870mm x 870 mm makes them simple and quick to install. They require almost no maintenance and are an etremely long-lasting construction element.As such, they represent long-term savings for the building, as it is estimated that the total cost of the equipment is amortized after 10 to 14 years.

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