Tilt Renewables Update on Dundonnell Wind Farm
Tilt Renewables

Tilt Renewables Update on Dundonnell Wind Farm

Tilt Renewables Limited has provided this update on progress with commissioning of the 336MW Dundonnell Wind Farm located in Western

Victoria. Tilt Renewables has been working closely with the Australian Energy Market Operator and the turbine supplier Vestas, to undertake further performance modelling and testing in order to allow the wind farm to progress through the agreed commissioning sequence. This work has resulted in the wind farm being cleared to increase output to 226MW with all 80 turbines able to operate and export energy within that total output cap. This follows a period of testing at 150MW with 80 turbines operational. This 226MW, 80 turbine status will allow the wind farm to produce approximately 85% of the energy yield expected if the asset was fully operational without the cap, under P50 wind conditions.

The focus continues on progressing commissioning through the remaining hold points, towards full output. It is expected that DDWF will be able to increase its output to 300MW before the end of 2020 with full capacity of 336MW and practical completion of the project expected in Q1 2021.

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