ABB Sails into Digital Waters: Weathering Routes of Innovation

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ABB announces the acquisition of DTN Europe BV and DTN Philippines Inc.'s shipping business, propelling ABB to ship route optimization leadership. This expansion enhances ABB's maritime software portfolio, connecting over 5,000 vessels and providing advanced weather routing solutions. The move aligns with ABB's commitment to digitalization, offering comprehensive levels of digital solutions for sustainable vessel and voyage performance. The acquisition is expected to finalize in Q2 2024, reinforcing ABB's position as a technology leader in electrification and automation for a more sustainable future.


In a strategic move to fortify its presence in the maritime software landscape, ABB has entered into an agreement to acquire the shipping business of DTN Europe BV and DTN Philippines Inc., collectively known as DTN Shipping. This acquisition positions ABB as a frontrunner in ship route optimization, marking a significant leap in the company's commitment to digital solutions for the maritime industry.

The DTN Shipping portfolio encompasses vessel routing software, analytics, reporting, and modeling applications, contributing essential capabilities to ABB's existing digital offering. The transaction is poised to connect over 5,000 vessels to ABB networks, solidifying its status as a key player in real-time weather routing analytics.

The maritime industry increasingly relies on weather routing analytics to enhance voyage efficiency and safety, making this acquisition timely. ABB's collaboration with DTN Shipping will focus on ensuring seamless integration, leveraging DTN Shipping's market-leading application programming interfaces (API) to expand ABB's digital capabilities.

The financial details of the transaction remain undisclosed, pending customary closing conditions and works councils' consultation procedures. The completion is anticipated in Q2 2024, opening new avenues for ABB to offer innovative digital solutions across various fleet types and sizes.

Juha Koskela, Division President, ABB Marine & Ports, emphasizes the significance of the acquisition in driving better operational decisions and enhancing vessel performance sustainably. The integration of DTN Shipping's unique weather routing solutions with ABB's digital portfolio promises substantial benefits for ship owners and operators worldwide.

The acquisition not only bolsters ABB's digital solutions for maritime but also extends its focus on investing in technologies supporting decarbonization and resource efficiency. ABB Ability™ digital solutions for the marine industry, well-established across various vessel segments, will see further enhancement through this strategic move.

Marc Chesover, President and CEO of DTN, acknowledges the collaborative nature of innovation, expressing confidence in the value ABB's expanded offerings will bring to the maritime industry. The DTN Shipping portfolio, coupled with ABB's expertise, is expected to provide enhanced forecasting elements, benefiting current and future ABB customers.

As ABB sails into a new era of digitalization in maritime operations, the acquisition of DTN Shipping's business stands as a testament to ABB's commitment to technology leadership, sustainability, and driving a more efficient and resource-conscious future.


In acquiring DTN Shipping's shipping business, ABB charts a course toward leadership in ship route optimization and maritime digitalization. This strategic move not only connects over 5,000 vessels to ABB networks but also enhances the company's capabilities in real-time weather routing analytics. As the maritime industry leans on such analytics for operational efficiency and safety, ABB's expanded digital portfolio, enriched by DTN Shipping's expertise, is poised to bring significant advantages to ship owners and operators worldwide. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation, ABB strengthens its position as a technology leader, driving advancements in electrification and automation for a more resource-efficient future.

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