Andalusia's Green Methanol Revolution

Huelva, Andalusia
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Cepsa and C2X join forces to establish Europe's largest green methanol plant in Huelva, Andalusia, with an investment potential of $1 billion. The collaborative project aims to create 2,500 jobs, positioning the region as a global leader in renewable energy. The green methanol produced will address hard-to-abate sectors, including shipping, air transport, and the chemical industry, preventing up to 1 million tons of CO2 emissions annually.


In a monumental stride towards sustainable energy, Cepsa and C2X have unveiled plans to build Europe's largest green methanol plant in the vibrant region of Huelva, Andalusia. The joint venture, marked by an investment potential of $1 billion, is set to redefine the energy landscape, creating economic opportunities and solidifying Andalusia's standing as a global leader in the energy transition.

The ambitious project, presented to regional and local representatives, aims to generate up to 2,500 direct and indirect jobs, offering a significant boost to the local economy. With an annual production capacity of 300,000 metric tons, the plant is poised to play a pivotal role in reducing CO2 emissions, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

Juan Manuel Moreno Bonilla, President of the Regional Government of Andalusia, lauded the collaboration, emphasizing its potential impact on employment, emissions reduction, and economic stimulation. He highlighted the strategic role of Andalusian ports in the global network of green energy transport.

Pilar Miranda, Mayor of Huelva, echoed the sentiment, declaring the day as historic for Huelva and expressing confidence in the city's transformation. She emphasized that Huelva has become the green capital of Southern Europe, embarking on its third industrial revolution.

Cepsa CEO Maarten Wetselaar expressed gratitude for the support from national, regional, and local authorities. He positioned the project as a milestone in Cepsa's global strategy to lead in sustainable fuel production, aiming to decarbonize through solutions like green methanol. The proximity to key ports, Huelva and Algeciras, strengthens Andalusia's position as a European hub for renewable fuels.

Brian Davis, CEO of C2X, highlighted the growing demand for green methanol in industries such as maritime, aviation, and chemicals. He emphasized Spain's, especially Andalusia's, potential to become a global production and distribution hub. Diego Perdones, CEO of C2X Spain, expressed confidence in local talent and envisioned collaboration with educational institutions to meet future workforce needs.

This initiative underscores Cepsa and C2X's commitment to Andalusia as a strategic location in their journey towards energy transition. The region's top-tier port infrastructure and existing industrial fabric position it as an ideal hub for large-scale projects, enhancing its competitiveness globally.


The collaboration between Cepsa and C2X for Europe's largest green methanol plant heralds a new era for Andalusia. With an investment potential of $1 billion, the project not only promises economic growth through job creation but also solidifies the region's role as a global leader in sustainable energy. As the plant gears up to operate in 2028, it signifies Andalusia's commitment to environmental stewardship and marks a significant step towards a cleaner, greener future.

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