ANDRITZ's Ingenious Revival: Chemical Park Transformation

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ANDRITZ successfully revitalizes Germany's Leverkusen Chemical Park by retrofitting two selective catalytic reduction systems after a 2021 explosion. Facing unexpected challenges, ANDRITZ's innovative approach minimizes downtime, allowing a swift restart. The retrofit team's flexibility and creativity shine in redesigning components and strategizing temporary solutions. This triumph underscores ANDRITZ's commitment to providing timely, reliable, and inventive solutions even in challenging circumstances, fostering a sustainable and resilient future for chemical industries.


In a remarkable feat of engineering resilience, international technology group ANDRITZ has orchestrated the intricate retrofit of two selective catalytic reduction systems (SCR) at Germany's Leverkusen Chemical Park. This endeavor emerges as a pivotal chapter in the park's narrative, marking a resolute revival following a catastrophic explosion in 2021.

After the incident, which forced the shutdown of all hazardous waste treatment plant lines operated by Currenta GmbH & Co OHG, ANDRITZ was commissioned to retrofit the severely damaged SCR II. However, unforeseen corrosion issues at the SCR I unit necessitated its temporary decommissioning as well. Undeterred by the challenges, ANDRITZ devised an innovative concept to minimize downtime and expedite the restart of both units.

The retrofit team's ingenuity unfolded as they reimagined the plate heat exchanger initially designated for SCR II, tailoring it to meet the specifications of the ailing SCR I unit. Simultaneously, a strategic plan emerged to repair the damaged SCR II heat exchanger for temporary use until a new one could be procured.

Uwe Listner, Head of Technology for Hazardous Waste Incineration Plants at Currenta, applauds ANDRITZ's inventive and flexible approach, emphasizing its pivotal role in reducing downtime and swiftly revitalizing the Leverkusen Chemical Park. The successful execution of this project underscores ANDRITZ's unwavering commitment to delivering innovative, timely, and reliable solutions, especially in challenging conditions.

This triumph not only safeguards the operational integrity of the chemical park but also positions ANDRITZ as a beacon of resilience and creativity in the realm of industrial transformations.


ANDRITZ's triumphant retrofit of the selective catalytic reduction systems at Leverkusen Chemical Park serves as a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to innovation and resilience. Overcoming unexpected challenges with ingenuity, the retrofit team's ability to adapt and devise inventive solutions minimized downtime, allowing for the rapid revitalization of the chemical park. This success reinforces ANDRITZ's position as a reliable and forward-thinking partner in the quest for sustainable solutions in the face of adversity.

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