Autonomy Alchemy: Ryder & Kodiak's Trucking Synergy

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Ryder System, Inc. and Kodiak Robotics, Inc. forge a collaboration to propel the commercialization and expansion of Kodiak's autonomous truck solution. The partnership inaugurates a truckport in Houston, strategically positioned within Ryder's maintenance facility. This facility, operational since December, facilitates the launch, landing, and freight transfer for autonomous trucks between Houston, Dallas, and Oklahoma City. Leveraging Ryder's extensive service network, the collaboration aims to establish additional truckports and provide on-site technician and maintenance services, fostering the safe deployment and maintenance of autonomous trucks.


Ryder System, Inc., a stalwart in supply chain solutions, and Kodiak Robotics, a frontrunner in autonomous trucking, have unveiled a strategic collaboration to propel the commercialization of Kodiak's autonomous truck solution. The focal point of this partnership is the establishment of a pivotal truckport in Houston, strategically situated within an existing Ryder fleet maintenance facility.

Operational since December, the Houston truckport serves as a launchpad for Kodiak's autonomous trucks, facilitating their deployment and freight transfer along routes connecting Houston, Dallas, and Oklahoma City. The collaboration capitalizes on Ryder's expansive service network, offering the potential for additional truckport operations and on-site technician and maintenance services.

Karen Jones, EVP, CMO, and head of new product development at Ryder, emphasizes the company's vision to build a comprehensive service portfolio supporting the safe deployment and maintenance of autonomous trucks. The collaboration with Kodiak aligns with this vision, aiming to advance the shared goal of fostering the commercialization of autonomous technology.

Presently, Kodiak's autonomous trucks operate routes with safety drivers, including the Houston-Dallas and Houston-Oklahoma City corridors. The company plans to usher in its first driverless operations along the Dallas-Houston route later this year, utilizing the Ryder facility as a pivotal launch point.

Don Burnette, Founder and CEO of Kodiak, applauds Ryder's industry-leading fleet services and extensive service locations as ideal for scaling autonomous trucks. The collaboration expands Kodiak's network of truckports, allowing for the operation of autonomous trucks at scale. The Houston facility serves as a testing ground, validating the truckport operational model. Leveraging existing infrastructure eliminates the need for Kodiak to invest in real estate, enabling a focus on launching and scaling driverless truck deployment.


The collaboration between Ryder System, Inc., and Kodiak Robotics marks a transformative step in the realm of autonomous trucking. The establishment of a strategic truckport in Houston, within Ryder's maintenance facility, symbolizes the synergy between industry leaders. The partnership not only facilitates the current deployment of autonomous trucks between key routes but also paves the way for future expansions leveraging Ryder's extensive service network. As Kodiak progresses towards introducing driverless operations, the collaboration exemplifies a forward-looking approach, combining expertise and infrastructure to navigate the evolving landscape of autonomous truck technology.

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