Azabudai Hills: Tokyo's Dazzling Urban Oasis

Azabudai Hills
Azabudai HillsImage Source: Mori Building Company


Mori Building Company completes the sprawling 8.1-hectare Azabudai Hills district in Tokyo, a vibrant blend of homes, commercial spaces, cultural hubs, and lush greenery. The $4.4bn project, designed by renowned architects and encompassing modern skyscrapers, has transformed the area into an inviting urban village.


Japanese developer Mori Building Company recently finalized the Azabudai Hills, a mammoth 8.1-hectare district in Tokyo, after construction began in August 2019. This expansive development boasts a diverse ensemble of residences, retail outlets, educational institutions, temples, art galleries, offices, and dining establishments.

Following the district's transformation, an impressive 90% of the original tenants and businesses opted to return, indicating the success and allure of the rejuvenated locale.

Characterized as a "modern urban village" by Mori Building Company, Azabudai Hills features an extensive 2.4 hectares of green spaces, incorporating a sprawling 6,000-square-meter central square, navigable rooftop slopes, and serene water features.

Central to this $4.4bn project are three towering skyscrapers envisioned by Pelli Clarke & Partners from the United States, notably including Japan's tallest structure, the 325-meter Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower.

Heatherwick Studio, headquartered in the UK, contributed to the architectural design of the public spaces and lower-level structures, a pivotal facet of this transformation.

Among its noteworthy contributions, Heatherwick Studio also designed the British School in Tokyo, an expansive 15,000-square-meter educational space catering to 800 students.

Neil Hubbard, Partner at Heatherwick Studio, expressed, "Our decade-long endeavor sought to encapsulate Tokyo's essence while infusing a fresh, contemporary element into its architectural fabric. We aimed to craft diverse panoramas and captivating spaces, an amalgamation of design philosophies converging in a singular location. I anticipate witnessing people's exploration and engagement within these spaces."

Azabudai Hills is anticipated to draw up to 30 million visitors annually, cementing its status as a bustling urban attraction in Tokyo.

Although currently Japan's tallest edifice, the Azabudai Hills Mori JP Tower will soon be eclipsed by the Torch Tower upon its slated completion in 2028.


Azabudai Hills emerges as a testament to architectural innovation and urban renewal, poised as Tokyo's vibrant nexus of modernity and cultural dynamism. With its blend of contemporary design, verdant landscapes, and diverse offerings, this district promises to captivate visitors and residents alike, fostering a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic allure.

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