Baiyinhua's Green Aluminium Triumph

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China's Baiyinhua Aluminium Power Company attains the esteemed 'Green Electric Aluminium' certification, signaling its strides in eco-friendly, low-carbon, and top-notch development. Their recycled aluminium ingots meeting stringent environmental standards set by industry associations highlight their commitment to sustainable progress and quality.


Baiyinhua Aluminium Power Company, headquartered in China, recently achieved a significant milestone by receiving the prestigious 'Green Electric Aluminium' certification. This accolade, obtained for their recycled aluminium ingots, validates the company's steadfast dedication to fostering eco-friendly, low-carbon, and high-quality advancements within the aluminium industry.

Extensive research and robust initiatives have been undertaken by Baiyinhua Aluminium to meet the stringent requirements outlined in the "Green Aluminium Evaluation and Trading Guidelines" issued by the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) and the China Nonferrous Metals Society. Their focus on scientific and technological innovations, equipment upgrades, and operational finesse has notably enhanced their operational efficiency, reaching an impressive 94.49%.

Leveraging the region's abundant renewable energy resources, an investment of approximately $7 million has been directed towards developing distributed photovoltaic systems. These systems harness wind and solar energy, generating an annual output of approximately 14,627,600 kilowatt-hours. This sustainable approach has resulted in saving 4,647.19 metric tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 11,852.35 metric tons.

With a transition towards clean energy for power generation, Baiyinhua Aluminium witnessed a notable cost reduction of approximately $141,000 this year. Their achievement doesn't stop there—the successful sale of 830 metric tons of "green aluminium high-quality AL99.85 remelting aluminium ingots" signifies a significant stride towards their goal of green and low-carbon development.

The China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association plays a pivotal role in evaluating and endorsing green aluminium products, fostering an eco-friendly and low-carbon trajectory for China's aluminium industry. The association's aim is to identify electrolytic aluminium products produced via sustainable electricity sources, catering to end-user low-carbon requirements, ultimately propelling China's aluminium industry towards high-quality and sustainable growth.


Baiyinhua Aluminium's attainment of the 'Green Electric Aluminium' certification underscores its commitment to eco-friendly and top-quality aluminium production. Achieving stringent environmental standards and leveraging renewable energy sources not only elevates their efficiency but also reflects their dedication to sustainable growth.

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