Celestial Triumph: Bellatrix's Paradigm-Shift in Space Propulsion

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Bellatrix Aerospace achieves a groundbreaking milestone with the successful deployment of its Rudra and Arka propulsion systems aboard ISRO's PSLV C-58 on January 1, 2024. Rudra introduces a green propulsion system, challenging the status quo by replacing hazardous hydrazine with an eco-friendly, high-performance proprietary propellant. Arka, featuring an electric engine, signifies a leap forward with enhanced fuel efficiency and precision, ideal for missions demanding longevity and maneuverability. This accomplishment aligns with global sustainability goals, propelling India's space program into an era of environmentally conscious exploration.


In a historic stride for Indian space technology, Bellatrix Aerospace has etched its name in the stars with the triumphant launch of its Rudra and Arka propulsion systems. The remarkable event unfolded on January 1, 2024, when these cutting-edge technologies embarked on a celestial journey aboard ISRO's PSLV C-58 launch vehicle.

At the forefront of this space odyssey is Rudra, heralding a green propulsion revolution. This innovative system seeks to revolutionize space exploration by replacing hazardous hydrazine with a non-toxic, environmentally friendly proprietary propellant. This groundbreaking technology not only ensures high performance but also minimizes the environmental impact traditionally associated with toxic propellants. Rudra emerges as a potential game-changer, particularly suited for satellite missions with demanding thrust requirements.

Accompanying Rudra is Arka, a propulsion system that embraces electric power, a departure from conventional chemical propellants. Arka's electric engines offer superior fuel efficiency and precise control, unlocking possibilities for satellites with extended lifespans and enhanced maneuverability. The successful qualification of Arka also paves the way for proprietary valves, propellant flow control systems, and other critical technologies. Arka signifies a paradigm shift, setting new standards for efficiency in satellite missions.

Mr. Rohan M Ganapathy, CEO & CTO of Bellatrix Aerospace, expressed his elation on the successful qualification. He stated, "We are glad to report that both Rudra and Arka are operating in space as per design specifications." The firing of Rudra, resulting in a noticeable displacement of the POEM-3 platform, aligns seamlessly with simulations, underscoring the precision and reliability of Bellatrix's propulsion systems.

Arka's validation was marked by the successful ignition and functioning of the thruster and heaterless hollow cathode. The mission validated temperature, pressure, current, and voltage levels from onboard sensors for both Arka and Rudra. According to Mr. Ganapathy, this comprehensive validation reassures payload performance, aligning seamlessly with ground test results. The culmination of these validations marks a significant stride in establishing the operational integrity of Bellatrix Aerospace's propulsion technologies.


Bellatrix Aerospace's successful deployment of Rudra and Arka ushers in a new era in space propulsion. With a focus on sustainability, precision, and efficiency, these propulsion systems chart a course toward environmentally conscious exploration. India's space program takes a giant leap, contributing to global efforts for sustainable and responsible advancements in the final frontier.

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