Debiopharm & Propel Cancer Drug with AI
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Debiopharm, a Swiss biopharmaceutical company, and, a pioneer in AI Digital Cells Lab in the USA, join forces to advance cutting-edge cancer drug development. The collaboration utilizes TNL's AI Digital Cells Lab platform and Debiopharm's pharmaceutical expertise, aiming to push cancer drug innovation to new frontiers.


In a strategic collaboration, Debiopharm and (TNL) announce a groundbreaking partnership to revolutionize cancer drug development. The synergy between TNL's AI Digital Cells Lab platform and Debiopharm's pharmaceutical prowess is poised to usher in a new era of innovation in the field.

The partnership's primary focus is to leverage TNL's AI Digital Cells Lab platform to explore additional indications for one of Debiopharm's existing cancer drugs. This expansion aims to enhance the drug's applicability across various cancer types, bringing a more comprehensive approach to treatment.

TNL's AI digital knockdowns will play a pivotal role in identifying valuable drug combinations with other compounds in development. This approach enhances the therapeutic potential of Debiopharm's cancer drug by identifying synergies that can amplify its effectiveness.

TNL's mechanistic digital cell clones will be instrumental in validating the mechanism of action of Debiopharm's cancer drug. This in-depth understanding ensures efficacy and contributes to the drug's overall development and optimization.

Utilizing TNL's digital cell clones, Debiopharm gains the capability to conduct comparative analyses. This invaluable insight allows the assessment of the cancer drug against existing treatments, facilitating informed decisions in the drug development process.

The partnership places a significant emphasis on identifying predictive biomarkers. TNL's expertise combined with Debiopharm's pharmaceutical knowledge aims to uncover biomarkers that can enhance the predictability and effectiveness of cancer treatments.

Bertrand Ducrey, CEO of Debiopharm, expresses enthusiasm about integrating AI solutions into their R&D processes. He sees it as a step towards adopting smarter practices to broaden drug applications and accelerate the delivery of new treatments.

Khai Pham, CEO of, anticipates transformative potential in the collaboration. The partnership is expected to showcase the power of AI-enabled Digital Labs in advancing disease-target discovery and optimizing clinical trials.


The collaboration between Debiopharm and marks a significant leap in the realm of cancer drug development. By harnessing the power of AI and combining it with pharmaceutical expertise, the partnership aims to accelerate innovation, broaden treatment applications, and ultimately benefit patients seeking advanced cancer therapies.

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