Doosan Robotics' Dart-Suite: Pioneering AI-Power Cobot Revolution

Doosan Robotics
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Doosan Robotics takes center stage at CES 2024, unveiling cutting-edge cobots and AI technologies under the theme "Think. Sync. Link." The spotlight is on Dart-Suite, a next-gen robot ecosystem transforming cobots into flexible partners. With an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Dart-Suite allows users to create tailored modules, making robotics development as accessible as smartphone app creation. Doosan Robotics' AI cobots, including the CES Innovation Award Honoree 'Oscar the Sorter,' promise to revolutionize various industries with efficiency, safety, and creativity.


In a paradigm-shifting revelation at CES 2024, Doosan Robotics, a leading collaborative robot (cobot) manufacturer, has set the stage for a revolution in the robotics industry. The unveiling of cutting-edge cobots and AI technologies, all under the cohesive theme "Think. Sync. Link," positions Doosan Robotics as a trailblazer in the integration of artificial intelligence with collaborative robotics.

The cornerstone of Doosan Robotics' versatility lies in the introduction of Dart-Suite, a next-generation robot ecosystem redefining the entire robot experience. This scalable platform elevates cobots' capabilities by seamlessly incorporating AI while ensuring accessibility to the general public. Dart-Suite creates an environment where each component harmonizes, enabling users to develop, sell, download, and trigger actions through various interfaces. This transition marks a shift from static tools to agile and flexible robotic partners.

Dart-Suite's Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a game-changer, allowing consumers to create modules tailored to their specific needs, akin to developing apps for mobile devices. The robust software platform significantly reduces development time by up to 80%, providing a user experience reminiscent of smartphones. This user-friendly approach signals a new era in robotics development, making it accessible and efficient for a broader audience.

Doosan Robotics showcases a stellar line of AI cobots poised to revolutionize various industries, including manufacturing, logistics, food & beverage, architecture, filmmaking, service sectors, and medical environments. These best-in-class solutions transcend the limitations of current robotics by injecting efficiency, safety, and creativity into every task. The AI system continually learns and updates its model, ensuring seamless integration and adaptability to complex scenarios.

Collaborating with global leaders, Doosan Robotics has developed and commercialized AI cobot solutions that redefine automation. 'Oscar the Sorter,' an AI-powered recycling cobot and CES Innovation Award Honoree, autonomously learns and sorts products without human intervention. Collaborations with TDK Qeexo and AiV result in groundbreaking solutions like 'Otto Matic,' a superior depalletizing and palletizing cobot, and 'Mixmaster Moodie,' a bartending cobot powered by Microsoft's ChatGPT.

William Ryu, CEO of Doosan Robotics, recognizes the strategic importance of Dart-Suite's launch at CES. The platform not only showcases the power of their cobot line but also highlights the customizable functionality and usage that sets their technology apart. CES, with its diverse audience, serves as the ideal stage for introducing innovations that transcend boundaries and meet the varied needs of consumers and industries.


Doosan Robotics' presence at CES 2024 is not merely a technological showcase; it's a declaration of a new era in collaborative robotics. Dart-Suite's unveiling and the impressive lineup of AI cobots position Doosan Robotics as a pioneer in the seamless integration of AI with robotics. As the robotics industry evolves, Doosan Robotics leads the way, making robotics development accessible, efficient, and transformative.

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