DP World's Blueberry Odyssey: Romania to Middle East

Blue Berries
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DP World, in collaboration with Agricrafters, breaks new ground as Romanian blueberries make their debut in Middle Eastern supermarkets. Overcoming traditional limitations for Romanian fruit producers, DP World's global infrastructure facilitates the journey with advanced reefer containers, ensuring freshness. Agricrafters, initially reaching European markets, now eyes a tenfold expansion in Middle East exports, not just from Romania but also other European countries. DP World's commitment to unlocking global markets and strengthening regional economies is exemplified in this partnership, showcasing success in Romania and paving the way for untapped trade routes.


In a remarkable alliance between DP World and Agricrafters, Romanian blueberries have transcended geographical boundaries, gracing supermarket shelves across the Middle East. The groundbreaking partnership has opened new avenues for Romanian fruit producers, historically constrained by the lack of specialized shipping infrastructure.

Agricrafters, a fruit-producing company born out of a passion for agriculture and video games, initiated its journey in 2022, catering to European markets such as the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and Italy. However, fueled by ambitions, the company sought to venture into the vibrant markets of the Middle East, known for their sun-drenched allure.

The primary challenge lay in preserving the freshness and nutritional value of the delicate blueberries during the extended journey. DP World, with its global infrastructure encompassing multimodal transport options, smart storage facilities, and cutting-edge terminals in Constanta, Romania, and Jebel Ali, Dubai, emerged as the strategic partner to meet this challenge.

Leveraging its association with CMA CGM, DP World secured next-generation controlled-atmosphere reefer containers. These containers enable real-time monitoring of crucial factors like CO2, O2, temperature, and humidity, with the ability to make remote adjustments. This ensures a seamless journey for the blueberries from Romanian fields to Middle Eastern fridges.

Since the harvest season from July to October last year, 100 metric tons of fresh blueberries have successfully traversed the Black Sea, reaching eager customers in the Middle East.

Agricrafters sets ambitious goals for 2024, aiming to expand its Middle East exports tenfold. This expansion doesn't limit itself to Romanian blueberries but extends to include fruits from other European countries like Portugal and Spain. The objective is to provide a year-round supply of fresh produce throughout the region.

George Miclos, CEO of Agricrafters, expresses surprise at the rapid penetration into new markets through the DP World partnership. Recognizing the vast potential, he envisions reaching new regions and limits in the years ahead.

To fuel this ambitious expansion, Agricrafters has established a center in Romania for local blueberry farmers to directly sell their produce to Middle Eastern markets. Additionally, a 2,000-square-meter warehouse in Jebel Ali has been rented to receive, pack, and deliver fresh fruit across the region. To ensure a consistent supply of high-quality berries, 62 hectares of blueberries have already been planted in Bihor County, Romania, with plans to add another 160 hectares in the current year.

DP World shares the enthusiasm for this partnership. Rashid Abdulla, CEO & Managing Director, DP World Europe, emphasizes the company's fundamental goal of unlocking access to global markets for customers, strengthening economies worldwide. The success of operations in Romania, coupled with ongoing expansion plans, positions DP World as a key player in delivering robust logistics solutions.

Cosmin Carstea, CEO, DP World Romania, highlights this as one of many success stories, underscoring DP World's commitment to boosting trade for national and local economies since its establishment in Romania in 2004. Recent announcements of a €38 million expansion project at Constanta port and a €20 million logistics hub in Aiud signal DP World's commitment to facilitating greater growth not only for Romanian companies but for businesses across Eastern Europe seeking untapped trade routes.


DP World's strategic partnership with Agricrafters has orchestrated a remarkable journey for Romanian blueberries, transcending regional boundaries and gracing Middle Eastern markets. Overcoming traditional constraints faced by Romanian fruit producers, this collaboration exemplifies the power of global infrastructure in unlocking new possibilities. Agricrafters, born out of a love for agriculture and video games, now eyes a significant expansion in Middle East exports, envisioning a year-round supply of fresh produce from various European countries. DP World's commitment to unlocking global markets, coupled with ongoing expansion plans in Romania, positions the company as a catalyst for growth in untapped trade routes across Eastern Europe. This partnership not only marks a success story but also sets the stage for a flourishing future in global trade and logistics.

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