ElliQ 3 Unveiled Transformative Leap AI Companionship for Senior

ElliQ 3
ElliQ 3Image Source: Intuition Robotics


Intuition Robotics introduces ElliQ 3, a groundbreaking AI companion for older adults. Fueled by a recent $25M raise, ElliQ 3 boasts new hardware and generative AI capabilities, revolutionizing human-AI relationships. The upgrades aim to positively impact seniors' health, independence, and social connectedness. The device's scalability, design improvements, and advanced AI technology make it more accessible, lighter, and easier to handle for the elderly.


In a pioneering move, Intuition Robotics has unveiled ElliQ 3, the latest iteration of its award-winning AI companion designed specifically for older adults. With a recent $25M funding boost, ElliQ 3 represents a significant leap forward in the integration of generative AI into everyday life, fostering evolution in human-AI relationships.

The hardware redesign of ElliQ 3 is geared for scale, allowing for increased manufacturing processes to meet the growing demand. Collaborating with Yves Behar's design studio, Fuseproject, the new design is 1.3 pounds lighter with a 36% smaller footprint, enhancing usability for older adults. The octa-core SoC and built-in AI processing unit (APU) by MediaTek power the device, providing 33% more RAM, twice the computing power, and memory. The fully integrated screen improves user experience and system resilience, making it simpler for customers to operate.

At the core of ElliQ 3's upgrades lies its revolutionary approach to generative AI capabilities. Leveraging the latest Large Language Model technology, ElliQ 3 enriches conversations with older adults, allowing discussions on an infinite number of topics in a more natural and detailed manner. The integration of LLM technology with the Relationship Orchestration Engine facilitates real-time decisions, scripted conversation, and generative AI conversations, injecting both context and memory into interactions.

ElliQ 3's generative AI capabilities extend beyond the moment, providing contextual memory. Insights from past conversations, scripted and open-ended, are classified, remembered, and referenced in future interactions. To ensure safety, guardrail mechanisms monitor and mediate conversations in real-time, avoiding inappropriate responses. ElliQ's unique character, infused with empathy, curiosity, and humor, remains preserved, creating a safe space for the vulnerable elderly population.

Generative AI is not limited to conversations; ElliQ 3 employs it in various activities like painting and writing poems. These activities contribute to cognitive wellness and creativity, fostering a sense of recognition and decreasing loneliness. Synchronized events, such as Bingo, promote social connectedness, enabling real-time participation among older adults.

CEO Dor Skuler emphasizes ElliQ's effectiveness in reducing seniors' loneliness, improving health, independence, and increasing social connectedness. The launch of ElliQ 3 aims to reach more older adults, expanding partnerships with government services and healthcare ecosystems, offering valuable insights and context.

ElliQ is accessible to hundreds of thousands of older adults through subsidized services via government agencies, non-profits, Medicaid Managed Care Organizations, and healthcare payers. Existing partnerships have shown remarkable results, with a 95% reduction in loneliness among users in New York State. The impact extends to fostering connections, knowledge, and companionship among the aging population.


ElliQ 3's unveiling marks a transformative leap in AI companionship for seniors. The amalgamation of upgraded hardware, generative AI capabilities, and safety mechanisms enhances the device's accessibility, usability, and impact on the well-being of older adults. As AI continues to shape the future of technology, ElliQ 3 stands out as a beacon of innovation, offering companionship and connection to the aging population.

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