Empowering Seas: MAN Energy Solutions and Karpowership Dynamic Duo

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MAN Energy Solutions and Karpowership join forces in a groundbreaking contract for 48 dual-fuel engines, adding a robust 1,000 MW to Karpowership's current 6,000 MW capacity. The MAN 18V51/60DF engines bring enhanced efficiency, with a mechanical output of 20.7 MW each. This collaboration not only deepens their decade-long partnership but also marks a significant leap in realizing global energy transition goals. The Powerships, known for flexibility, will be deployed across Asia, South and Central America, and Africa, alleviating energy shortages with high-efficient, reliable, and low-cost electricity.


In a visionary collaboration, MAN Energy Solutions and Karpowership have inked a transformative deal, signing a contract for 48 dual-fuel engines. This strategic partnership propels Karpowership's fleet of power plant ships (Powerships) to new heights, introducing an additional 1,000 MW to their already substantial generation capacity of 6,000 MW.

The engine order comprises MAN 18V51/60DF dual-fuel engines, each boasting a mechanical output of 20.7 MW. Alongside these powerful engines, MAN Energy Solutions will supply the control systems for the Powerships and other essential electromechanical equipment.

Alexander Stöckler, Head of Sales, Tendering & Project Management at MAN Energy Solutions, expressed pride in their role in Karpowership's energy transition journey, having supplied engines since 2009. The collaboration expands Karpowership's fleet by a significant 1,000 MW, marking a major stride in their mission of providing efficient and sustainable energy globally. Stöckler highlighted the effectiveness of their dual-fuel technology, now enhanced to almost 21 MW, promising increased efficiency for upcoming Powerships.

Gökhan Koçak, Chief Technical Operations Officer at Karpowership, emphasized the long-term collaboration with MAN Energy Solutions, stating, "MAN Energy Solutions plays a vital role in Karpowership’s mission of providing high-efficient, reliable, and low-cost electricity in a fast-track manner all around the world."

Stefan Eefting, Head of MAN PrimeServ Germany, highlighted the comprehensive service package, combining powerful engines with high-quality maintenance. The existing fleet's engine availability has been increased to an impressive 98%, showcasing the reliability and efficiency of MAN's services.

Karpowership boasts the world's largest fleet of Powerships, with 36 active vessels totaling 6,000 MW. The newbuilds, equipped with MAN engines, will continue this legacy, providing flexibility and addressing energy shortages globally. Tilman Tütken, Vice President Strategic Projects at MAN Energy Solutions, highlighted the Powerships' deployment across Asia, South and Central America, and Africa.

The success of this partnership extends beyond newbuild projects; MAN PrimeServ is currently modernizing Karpowership's existing fleet. Timur Iyi, Managing Director of MAN Energy Solutions Turkey, celebrated the trust and collaboration that spans over 100 engines. The success lies in the quality of products and services, fostering a lasting partnership.


The collaboration between MAN Energy Solutions and C stands as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and long-term commitment. The Powerships, equipped with cutting-edge dual-fuel engines, are poised to navigate the seas, delivering high-efficient electricity wherever it is urgently needed.

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