EnBW's Trailblazing Electric Vehicle Charging Initiative

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EnBW unveils three new rapid-charging parks in Chemnitz, Posthausen, and Nahetal, offering up to 400 kW charging capacity, significantly boosting Germany's electric vehicle infrastructure.


EnBW, a leading energy company, has activated three rapid-charging parks for electric vehicles in Chemnitz, Posthausen, and Nahetal. The largest, located in Lichtenau near Chemnitz, introduces 24 High Power Charging (HPC) points, each delivering up to 400 kilowatts of charging power, capable of replenishing around 400 kilometers of range in just 15 minutes for future electric vehicles.

Colette Rückert-Hennen, EnBW Board Member overseeing e-mobility, emphasizes their strategy's customer-centric approach. By integrating fast-charging points seamlessly into daily life, EnBW aims to provide sustainable mobility solutions, catering to diverse needs, including urban areas and long-distance travel.

EnBW's Chemnitz park will offer an automated smart shop by REWE ready, slated to open in February. It follows a successful trial at the Bispingen park, offering a variety of snacks and beverages. Barrier-free charging stations are also available, ensuring accessibility for all drivers.

Volker Rimpler, VP Construction & Rollout E-Mobility at EnBW, stresses their commitment to inclusivity, ensuring 92% of existing EnBW charging parks offer barrier-free access. Future developments will incorporate additional services like restrooms and seating, elevating customer experiences.

EnBW plans further enhancements for the Chemnitz site, including a solar-panel-covered wooden roof by spring 2024, generating 52 kWp. The company ensures 100% green electricity for all charging locations, highlighting its dedication to sustainable energy practices.

Despite temporary closures for safety reasons during construction, Chemnitz aims to become more than just a charging station, offering families a playground in early 2024, serving as an educational space about the park's sustainability aspects.

Additionally, EnBW has inaugurated rapid-charging parks in Posthausen and at the Nahetal junction, contributing to Germany's largest rapid-charging network, further reinforcing their commitment to sustainable e-mobility solutions across the nation.


EnBW's rapid-charging park initiative marks a significant stride in fostering electric vehicle adoption across Germany. With customer-centricity, inclusivity, and sustainability at its core, EnBW paves the way for a future of accessible, reliable, and environmentally conscious e-mobility.

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