EVA Air's Airbus Odyssey: A Milestone Fleet Expansion

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EVA Air solidifies its aviation legacy with Airbus, securing 18 A350-1000s and 15 A321neo aircraft. The move positions EVA Air as a global player adopting the A350-1000 for long-haul needs and leveraging the A321neo's efficiency for regional networks. The choice aligns with EVA Air's commitment to passenger comfort, fuel efficiency, and sustainability goals, with the A350-1000 setting new standards in its class.


In a transformative decision, EVA Air, based in Taiwan, has finalized a significant order with Airbus, marking a pivotal moment in the airline's expansion strategy. The order includes 18 A350-1000s, renowned for their long-range capabilities, and 15 A321neo, designed for enhanced efficiency in the regional context.

EVA Air's President, Clay Sun, emphasized the meticulous evaluation that led to the Airbus selection. The airline prioritized modernity and fuel efficiency across both size categories, aiming for the highest passenger comfort standards. The decision aligns seamlessly with EVA Air's sustainability goals, ensuring substantial reductions in carbon emissions.

The A350-1000 stands as the pinnacle of long-range aviation, accommodating up to 410 passengers and setting new benchmarks in range, payload, fuel efficiency, and passenger comfort. Powered by Rolls-Royce engines, it boasts a non-stop range of up to 9,700 nautical miles, utilizing 25% less fuel than its predecessors. Passengers can anticipate a superior in-flight experience, with a quiet cabin, advanced lighting systems, and cutting-edge connectivity.

The A321neo, part of the A320neo Family, integrates state-of-the-art technologies, including new-generation engines and Sharklets, achieving a remarkable 20% fuel savings. EVA Air's decision to include the A321neo in its fleet underscores its commitment to efficiency in regional operations. The A321neo's popularity in the market, with over 5,600 orders since its 2016 launch, attests to its dominance in the single-aisle segment.

Benoît de Saint-Exupéry, Airbus EVP Sales, Commercial Aircraft, expressed gratitude for EVA Air's confidence in Airbus. The A350-1000's endorsement as a natural replacement for previous widebody aircraft and the airline's inaugural purchase of the A321neo mark a new phase in the Airbus-EVA Air relationship. Airbus looks forward to collaborating closely with EVA Air as it prepares to integrate these advanced aircraft into its fleet.

The A350 Family, with over 1,000 firm orders globally, has earned its reputation as an industry leader. Currently operated by 39 operators on long-haul routes, the A350's impact on reducing carbon emissions and enhancing passenger experience is evident. The A321neo's dominance, capturing 65% of the market share, reinforces its status as the preferred choice in the single-aisle segment.


EVA Air's strategic move to acquire Airbus's A350-1000 and A321neo signifies not just a fleet expansion but a commitment to redefining air travel standards. With a focus on passenger comfort, fuel efficiency, and sustainability, EVA Air positions itself for a new era of aviation excellence. As these Airbus marvels join EVA Air's fleet, they pave the way for enhanced global connectivity and a brighter, more sustainable future.

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