Godrej's Innovation: 3D-Printed Office in 40 Hours

3DP House
3DP HouseImage Source: Godrej Construction


Godrej Construction's milestone: 'The Cocoon,' a 500 sq ft 3D-printed office, emerged within 40 hours using pioneering 3D Construction Printing (3DCP) tech. This elliptical-shaped office, crafted with prefabricated modules and sustainable materials, showcases not only rapid construction but also a commitment to innovation and environmental sustainability.


Godrej & Boyce, via its subsidiary Godrej Construction, achieved a remarkable feat by constructing a 500 sq ft office dubbed 'The Cocoon' within a swift 40-hour timeframe. This milestone stands as a testament to their dedication to pushing construction boundaries through groundbreaking technology.

'The Cocoon,' named for its unique elliptical design, was constructed using innovative 3D Construction Printing technology, assembling prefabricated modules with exceptional speed.

Anup Mathew, Senior Vice President of Godrej Construction, emphasized the project's demonstration of collaborative teamwork, strategic planning utilizing Building Information Modelling (BIM), Lean Construction methods, and 3D Construction Printing. The company's focus remains on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions tailored to meet customers' evolving needs.

The rapid construction encompassed a range of installations—from 3D printed modules to plumbing, electrical works, and office furniture—in under 40 hours, reflecting efficiency and comprehensive planning.

The construction materials featured up to 20% Recycled Concrete Aggregates (RCA), sourced from debris recycled at the Godrej & Boyce Recycled Concrete manufacturing facility in Mumbai, highlighting a commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Godrej Construction's foray into 3D Construction Printing technology extends beyond 'The Cocoon,' previously applied to bus shelters and security pavilions at the Vikhroli campus. The team's ingenuity lies not just in speed but also in embracing complex designs enabled by this technology.

Abhijeet Gawde, Head of Business Development & Marketing, stressed the significance of sustainable construction materials in reducing carbon emissions, underscoring the urgent need for more companies to adopt similar practices.


Godrej Construction's swift completion of 'The Cocoon' using 3D Construction Printing highlights a remarkable fusion of technology and sustainability. Their commitment to eco-friendly materials and innovative construction methods sets a precedent for the construction industry, paving the way for quicker, environmentally conscious building practices.

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