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Paris-based GTT, renowned for innovative membrane containment systems for liquefied gases, has inked two Technical Services Agreements with Chinese energy giant JOVO. The collaboration extends GTT's support for JOVO's LNG carriers, encompassing inspections, maintenance, repairs, and engineering consultancy. JOVO gains access to GTT's HEARS® emergency hotline, ensuring 24/7 technical aid. These agreements deepen the partnership initiated in August 2022, showcasing GTT's commitment to bolstering JOVO's LNG shipping endeavors.


In a harmonious blend of technological prowess, GTT and JOVO orchestrate a new chapter in their collaboration, signing two Technical Services Agreements (TSAs) on January 24, 2024. GTT, a Paris-based innovator specializing in membrane containment systems for liquefied gases, solidifies its support for JOVO, a prominent Chinese energy supplier.

The contracts encompass a comprehensive array of services, underscoring GTT's commitment to ensuring the seamless operation of JOVO's LNG carriers. From meticulous inspections to strategic maintenance, swift repairs, and insightful engineering consultancy, GTT's field expertise becomes an integral part of JOVO's operational landscape.

A standout feature of this collaboration is JOVO's access to GTT's HEARS® emergency hotline, ensuring constant technical support for crews navigating the complexities of LNG transport. This 24/7 lifeline becomes a critical asset, providing rapid assistance and reinforcing the reliability of JOVO's LNG shipping operations.

These new TSAs represent a continuation of the partnership initiated in August 2022, emphasizing the sustained growth of collaboration between GTT and JOVO. Adnan Ezzarhouni, General Manager of GTT China, expresses satisfaction at the strengthened ties, highlighting GTT's role in supporting the expanding LNG shipping activities of JOVO.

Lu Yuan, Vice President & Head of LNG and Shipping at JOVO Group, echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the mutual benefits derived from GTT's expertise. The goal is not only to enhance the performance of existing vessels but also to actively cultivate new avenues within JOVO's energy logistics services.

As the maritime industry undergoes a paradigm shift towards cleaner and efficient energy solutions, the GTT-JOVO partnership exemplifies a commitment to excellence and technological advancement. The synergy between GTT's expertise and JOVO's energy logistics aspirations sets the stage for a transformative journey in LNG shipping.


GTT's signing of two new Technical Services Agreements with JOVO marks not only a continuation of their partnership but a deepening commitment to excellence in LNG shipping. The collaborative efforts aim not only to optimize the performance of existing vessels but to actively contribute to the evolution of energy logistics services. With GTT's unwavering support and JOVO's forward-looking approach, this partnership stands as a testament to the industry's collective pursuit of innovation and operational excellence.

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