Helix Pivotal: Soaring Into the Future with Personal eVTOL Freedom

Helix Pivotal
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Experience the dream of personal flight with the Helix Pivotal, a pioneering electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft showcased at CES 2024. We explore this all-electric marvel's features, from its ultralight design to its unique vertical take-offs and landings. With a focus on simplicity and accessibility, the Helix Pivotal offers a glimpse into the future of individual air travel, presenting a vision where flying your own drone-like aircraft becomes a reality.


As the electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) industry takes center stage at CES 2024, the Helix Pivotal emerges as a beacon of personal flight freedom. Picture this: effortlessly pulling a joystick, ascending vertically into the sky, and navigating the air like a giant drone. The Helix Pivotal is not just an aircraft; it's a symbol of the dream of personal aviation.

eVTOLs, epitomized by the Helix Pivotal, beckon flight enthusiasts with the promise of accessible personal flight. These aircraft, weighing just below the threshold requiring a pilot's license, offer an exhilarating experience without the bureaucratic hurdles. In the case of the Helix, its ultralight design at 360 pounds positions it as an FAA Part 103 (Ultralight) aircraft.

The Helix Pivotal boasts a sleek carbon-fiber body, approximately 15 feet long, with dual wings spanning a considerable distance. Transporting this innovative aircraft is made practical as the wings can be detached, fitting neatly into a standard U-Haul trailer. The convenience extends to a small two-wheeled cart included for easy maneuverability.

Inside the tilted wings are eight motors and corresponding batteries, enabling the Helix Pivotal to achieve two hours of flight at 62mph on a single charge. While this speed may differ from traditional aircraft, the eVTOL's focus is on accessibility and simplicity, catering to a broader audience.

The absence of wheels on the Helix Pivotal is intentional, as it excels in vertical take-offs and landings. Capable of landing on various surfaces, including grass and dirt, the eVTOL's hover mode provides a unique perspective, tilting backward, while flight mode tilts it forward, ensuring a seamless transition.

Inside the gray interior, simplicity reigns. The cockpit features two joysticks, emphasizing redundancy and accommodating left or right-handed control. A 12-inch touchscreen, although inactive during observation, adds a modern touch. The comfortable seat and efficient use of space enhance the overall experience.

The Helix Pivotal is available for orders, with deliveries set to commence in June. The base model, priced at $190,000, includes essential components, with customization options ranging up to $260,000. While practical applications may be limited to open areas, the allure of personal flight within reach resonates with those seeking a futuristic aviation experience.


The Helix Pivotal encapsulates the essence of personal eVTOL freedom. Its unveiling at CES 2024 marks a significant step towards making individual air travel a tangible reality. While practical constraints may confine its use to specific environments, the Helix Pivotal sets the stage for a future where the skies are not just for professionals but for anyone with a dream of soaring into the horizon.

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