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Hexagon Purus, a pioneer in zero-emission solutions, extends its partnership with a European green hydrogen producer to supply hydrogen distribution systems across Europe in 2024. Valued at around $20 million, this agreement underscores the growing demand for green hydrogen in mobility and industry sectors, vital for curbing carbon emissions.


Hexagon Purus, renowned for pioneering zero-emission mobility and infrastructure solutions, continues its strides towards greener energy in collaboration with a prominent European green hydrogen producer. Extending their existing framework agreement, Hexagon Purus is set to supply hydrogen distribution systems for 2024, following the initial announcement in October 2022.

The extended agreement, now encompassing the forthcoming year, is estimated to hold a minimum value of approximately $20 million. These systems, featuring type 4 hydrogen cylinders, are designed to facilitate the distribution of green hydrogen for mobility and industrial applications throughout Europe.

Michael Kleschinski, EVP of Hexagon Purus, emphasized their systems' versatility, highlighting their ability to accommodate various forms of hydrogen. The robust demand from customers and the shift towards securing future commitments through long-term frameworks reflect the increasing availability and interest in green hydrogen.

The application of Hexagon Purus’ type 4-based hydrogen distribution system is envisioned as a game-changer in the bulk distribution of hydrogen. Offering superior capacity and lower overall ownership costs compared to traditional steel tube trailers, this technology is poised to transform the hydrogen distribution landscape.

The move aligns with the global drive to reduce carbon emissions, particularly in sectors contributing nearly 50% of annual carbon emissions worldwide. Hexagon Purus' technology is positioned to address emissions in hard-to-abate sectors, crucial for achieving sustainability goals.

Scheduled for production at Hexagon Purus' facility in Weeze, Germany, the delivery of these hydrogen systems is slated between Q1 2024 and Q4 2024.

Hexagon Purus specializes in enabling zero-emission mobility, offering high-pressure cylinders and systems for hydrogen and battery solutions. These products cater to various vehicle types and applications, including vehicles, buses, storage, distribution, and aerospace.


Hexagon Purus extends its collaboration with a European green hydrogen producer to supply hydrogen distribution systems across Europe in 2024. Valued at around $20 million, this partnership signifies a surge in demand for green hydrogen, crucial for reducing carbon emissions in industries and mobility. The technology aims to transform hydrogen distribution, marking a significant step towards a cleaner, sustainable energy future.

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