Innovative Partnership: Mobile Coating Robots Transforming US O&G

BlastOne introduces cutting-edge mobile coating robots through an exclusive partnership with Qlayers, revolutionizing oil & gas field
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BlastOne introduces cutting-edge mobile coating robots through an exclusive partnership with Qlayers, revolutionizing oil & gas field projects. These 10Q robots promise heightened efficiency, safety, and eco-friendliness in industrial coating. The collaboration anticipates swift adoption across the U.S., championing unprecedented advancements in coating technology.



In a groundbreaking move, BlastOne International™ has forged an exclusive partnership with Qlayers™, marking the introduction of mobile coating robots tailored for remote field projects within the U.S. oil & gas industry.

The 10Q robots, a brainchild of Qlayers, are set to revolutionize industrial coating with their exceptional efficiency and safety features. Their arrival in the U.S. follows significant international acclaim for outperforming conventional hand-coating methods.

CEO of BlastOne, Matthew Rowland, hailed the 10Q robots as transformative assets for large tank coating projects in the U.S., emphasizing their innovative nature.

These robots bring forth a series of distinctive advantages:

1. Unmatched Efficiency: Capable of applying multiple protective layers faster than human teams, these robots dramatically accelerate project timelines.

2. Enhanced Safety: With up to an 85% reduction in human working hours at dangerous heights, these robots significantly mitigate fall risks.

3. Optimal Paint Usage: Employing automated coating methods, the 10Q robots reduce overspray, resulting in up to 50% paint savings.

4. Precision Application: Ensuring consistent coating thickness, these robots excel in delivering precise feathering between rows.

5. Eco-Friendly Technology: Equipped with a patented spray shielding system, they substantially curtail the release of harmful compounds and microplastics into the environment.

Complementing BlastOne's innovative tank solutions, such as the VertiDrive™ abrasive blasting robots, the 10Q robots signify a significant leap in industrial coating efficacy and safety. CEO Matthew Rowland reiterated the transformative nature of these robots in large-scale coating projects, underlining their potential impact on the U.S. oil & gas industry.

Qlayers, headquartered in the Netherlands, specializes in robotic solutions for coating large-scale industrial assets like storage tanks, wind turbines, and ships. The 10Q robot emerges as an industry-leading automated coating solution, promising cost-efficiency and safety for both asset owners and coating contractors.

Josefien Groot, Co-founder and CEO of Qlayers, expressed confidence in BlastOne's expertise facilitating widespread technology adoption during the grand opening of BlastOne's Houston office, marking the official partnership agreement.

The innovative 10Q robots are now exclusively available for purchase or rental across the U.S. through BlastOne's extensive geographic network, catering to industrial corrosion control companies nationwide.


 The strategic alliance between BlastOne and Qlayers heralds a new era in industrial coating technology, promising unparalleled efficiency, safety, and environmental consciousness. The introduction of the 10Q robots to the U.S. market anticipates transformative advancements in the oil & gas sector.

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