Innovative SepraLYTE™: Purity in Hydrogen

SepraLYTE™Image Source: Pall Corporation


Pall Corporation unveils liquid/gas coalescers, a breakthrough solution for the efficient separation of electrolyte aerosols from gas in green hydrogen production. This advanced technology ensures the purity of hydrogen generated from electrolysis processes, catering to the growing demand for clean hydrogen production. SepraLYTE coalescers, with their proprietary melt-blown media technology, offer reliable separation performance with minimal pressure drop, enabling optimized plant design and enhanced overall efficiency in green hydrogen production.


Pall Corporation, a stalwart in filtration and purification solutions, introduces a game-changing solution in the realm of green hydrogen production – SepraLYTE™ liquid/gas coalescers. Designed to address the escalating demand for effective separation of electrolyte aerosols from gas, SepraLYTE signifies a pivotal step towards ensuring the purity of hydrogen derived from electrolysis processes.

At the heart of SepraLYTE's efficacy lies Pall's proprietary melt-blown media technology, a cutting-edge approach that achieves exceptional liquid mist separation while maintaining a low differential pressure. This breakthrough ensures that the hydrogen produced meets stringent purity standards, aligning with the clean and sustainable ethos of green hydrogen.

These coalescers are engineered for a multitude of separation applications, especially where minimal pressure drop is crucial for downstream processes. The compact design incorporates coalescer media, offering compatibility with various chemical applications. SepraLYTE liquid/gas coalescers also boast advantages such as ease of maintenance, a compact footprint, and waste reduction, making them an ideal choice for streamlined and efficient hydrogen production processes.

Greg Sears, Vice President and General Manager of Pall's Fluid Technologies and Asset Protection business unit, expresses Pall's commitment to addressing the evolving needs of customers in the dynamic energy transition markets. The SepraLYTE coalescers, a testament to Pall's innovation, empower customers to optimize plant design, extend the lifespan of critical equipment, and enhance overall efficiency, reliability, and output.

Customers adopting SepraLYTE gain a significant edge over conventional separation products. The coalescers deliver reliable, consistent, and verifiable separation performance, ensuring high gas flow and liquid removal in a compact cartridge. This not only allows for smaller systems but also reduces capital, operating, and maintenance costs – a trifecta of advantages in the quest for efficient and sustainable hydrogen production.


Pall Corporation's SepraLYTE™ liquid/gas coalescers mark a milestone in the pursuit of clean and efficient green hydrogen production. As the demand for sustainable solutions in energy continues to rise, SepraLYTE stands as a testament to Pall's dedication to innovation and meeting the evolving needs of the energy transition market. The coalescers not only ensure the purity of hydrogen but also pave the way for optimized plant design and enhanced efficiency, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

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