Isuzu-Honda Alliance Unveils GIGA FUEL CELL Truck Testing

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Isuzu Motors and Honda Motors commence real-world trials of the GIGA FUEL CELL heavy-duty truck in Japan. Running until September 2024, this collaboration aims to gather data, assess hydrogen fuel usage, and resolve technicalities for a 2027 market launch. The hydrogen-powered truck promises zero CO2 emissions, serving the evolving needs of long-distance, high-capacity transport.


Isuzu Motors Limited and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. kick off real-world trials of the GIGA FUEL CELL, a heavy-duty truck powered by fuel cells, in Japan. The demonstration, slated until September 2024, intends to gather crucial data, explore hydrogen fuel potential, and address technical challenges ahead of its planned market entry in 2027. The prototype model used mirrors the one exhibited at the JAPAN MOBILITY SHOW 2023.

In partnership with Isuzu Logistics Co., Ltd. and Honda Logistics Inc., the companies aim to test the GIGA FUEL CELL on public roads, evaluating hydrogen fuel viability and the practicality of fuel cell trucks. The emphasis lies in achieving carbon neutrality for heavy-duty trucks by leveraging hydrogen, a clean fuel source promising no CO2 emissions. Isuzu and Honda envision these fuel cell trucks meeting the demands of high-efficiency, long-distance transportation.

The collaboration began in January 2020 with joint research on fuel cell-powered heavy-duty trucks. Efforts focused on verifying fuel cell systems' compatibility with heavy-duty trucks and establishing fundamental technologies for vehicle control. The intention is to leverage the amassed technology, expertise, and knowledge to introduce the production model in 2027.

The demonstration spans December 2023 to September 2024 in the Kanto area, covering Tochigi, Saitama, Tokyo, and Kanagawa prefectures. Isuzu Logistics and Honda Logistics oversee the responsible execution using a single test vehicle.

Verification priorities encompass the practicality of heavy-duty fuel cell trucks in cargo handling and road operations, including hydrogen refueling management. Additionally, the trial seeks to evaluate the market suitability of these trucks.

The GIGA FUEL CELL truck, based on the CYJ77C-WX Low deck 8x4 rigid truck, boasts impressive specifications, including a 103kW×4 output from a solid polymer Honda FC Stack, 56kg hydrogen capacity, and a range exceeding 800km. Isuzu Logistics and Honda Logistics, the logistics arms of the respective groups, are instrumental in this pioneering venture.


The joint venture between Isuzu Motors and Honda Motors to test the GIGA FUEL CELL truck heralds a transformative step towards sustainable heavy-duty transportation. The ongoing real-world trials signify a significant stride towards a cleaner, more efficient future in the trucking industry.

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