KEZAD and Kings Aluminium's Eco-Revolution

KezadImage Source: Kezad


KEZAD Group and Kings Aluminium commence construction on a pioneering AED 750 million aluminium manufacturing and recycling facility in Abu Dhabi. The project aims to bolster local manufacturing, recycle aluminium waste, and reduce the carbon footprint, signaling the UAE's commitment to sustainable practices and circular economies.


KEZAD Group, in collaboration with Kings Aluminium Industries, has initiated the construction of a state-of-the-art aluminium manufacturing and recycling facility in Abu Dhabi. This joint venture represents a substantial investment of AED 750 million and is poised to enhance the region's aluminium manufacturing and recycling capabilities significantly.

Spanning a sprawling 100,000 square meters of land, leased for a 50-year tenure from KEZAD Group, this cutting-edge facility is equipped with modern technology and equipment. It will source its raw materials from Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA), further strengthening its ties with KEZAD Group, which houses EGA's largest aluminium smelter in the region.

This strategic initiative underscores the UAE's dedication to fostering local manufacturing across various sectors. It mirrors the nation's commitment to utilizing local resources, adopting sustainable production methods, and nurturing circular economies to minimize waste and environmental impact.

The primary objective of this newly established facility is to transform virgin aluminium and aluminium waste into high-quality reusable materials. By embracing cutting-edge recycling and manufacturing technology, Kings Aluminium aims to significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with aluminium production. Positioned strategically near Emirates Global Aluminium's plant on the hot metal road, the facility is set to efficiently process molten aluminium metal and billets while repurposing various aluminium waste products.

Mohamed Al Khadar Al Ahmed, CEO of KEZAD Group, expressed his enthusiasm, highlighting the milestone's significance in advancing the zone's industrial capabilities and economic prospects. He emphasized the integration of this facility with Emirates Global Aluminium, anticipating enhanced operational efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

Albert Melkias, CEO of Kings Aluminium Industries, emphasized the company's dedication to sustainable manufacturing and Abu Dhabi's environmental goals. He praised KEZAD's infrastructure and integration with Khalifa Port, underscoring their value in expanding reach and facilitating international market access.

The collaboration has set a benchmark for sustainable industrial practices in the UAE. It reflects KEZAD Group's commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation while fostering local economic growth through job creation and infrastructure development.


The partnership between KEZAD Group and Kings Aluminium marks a significant stride towards sustainable manufacturing practices in the UAE. The project's commitment to environmental responsibility, circular economies, and local economic development exemplifies a model for other companies in the sector. The venture showcases the potential for impactful collaborations in fostering environmental sustainability and economic growth.

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