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Kongsberg Maritime secures a contract to design and equip two advanced, eco-friendly 15,000 metric tons tankers for Sirius Rederi AB. These vessels, operational on battery-powered hybrid propulsion, showcase Kongsberg's innovation in low-emission technology. The first ship is slated for delivery by July 2026, contributing to a sustainable future in shipping.


Kongsberg Maritime has clinched a pivotal contract to engineer and outfit two groundbreaking 15,000 metric tons tankers for Sirius Rederi AB, heralding a new era in eco-friendly maritime transport. These cutting-edge vessels, equipped with Kongsberg's technology, boast low-emission capabilities and can operate using battery-powered hybrid propulsion, marking a substantial leap toward sustainable shipping.

Scheduled for delivery by July 2026, these tankers represent a collaborative effort between Kongsberg Maritime, Sirius Rederi AB, and the China Merchants Jinling Shipyard (Yangzhou) Dingheng. They form a significant expansion of Kongsberg's ongoing ship program, including a parallel venture with Swedish owner Terntank, encompassing a similar design and equipment framework.

The contract, valued at approximately $100 million (€8.3 million), encompasses an array of equipment and services from Kongsberg Maritime. This includes steering gear, Promas propulsion system integrating a flap rudder and CPP, tunnel thruster with Mcon thruster control system, K-Chief integrated automation systems, AutoChief propulsion control system, and deck machinery. Additionally, Kongsberg will provide comprehensive design and engineering services, contributing to the vessels' technological advancement and efficiency.

Rune Ekornesvåg, Sales Director Ship Design at Kongsberg Maritime, expressed delight at this new contract, highlighting the company's commitment to fostering sustainable technologies in ship construction. The collaboration with Sirius and China Merchants Jinling Shipyard exemplifies Kongsberg's dedication to delivering the next generation of cargo ships, blending energy-saving mechanisms with clean technologies.

The vessels' NVC 614 CT design integrates an efficient hull form of Ice Class 1A, featuring a wave piercing bow and distinctive styling on the forecastle deck, aligning with the aesthetic of the Sirius fleet. Main propulsion and maneuvering are facilitated by the Promas propulsion system, ensuring a remarkable fuel consumption reduction of over 6% compared to alternative systems.

Jonas Backman, Managing Director of Sirius Rederi AB, emphasized the vessels' multifaceted approach, aiming to provide sustainability, efficiency, safety, and optimal working conditions. The partnership with Kongsberg symbolizes a mutual drive towards low-emission vessels, fostering a workplace ensuring both safety and comfort for the crew.

The collaboration with China Merchants Jinling Shipyard signifies a pioneering journey that began in 2014, propelling the chemical tanker market in Northern Europe with energy-saving and low-carbon designs. The aspiration remains to design and construct future ships aligned with market demands and shipowners' preferences.

These vessels aim to achieve an Energy Efficiency Design Index close to 40% below the 2025 Phase 3 requirements, aligning with a commitment to a greener, more sustainable maritime industry.


Kongsberg's venture into crafting eco-friendly tankers signifies a momentous stride toward sustainable maritime transport. The collaboration underscores a shared vision to revolutionize the shipping industry, setting a precedent for a greener, more efficient fleet.

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