Luminary Disentis: Center's Solar Marvel

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The Center Fontauna in Disentis now boasts an integrated solar system generating up to 600,000 kWh annually. Almost half powers the new sports and cultural hub. This initiative, led by Repower, signifies sustainable local growth, aligning with the town's eco-conscious aspirations.


The Center Fontauna in Disentis has reached a milestone with the completion of its integrated solar system. This innovative infrastructure, capable of producing up to 600,000 kWh annually, marks a significant shift toward renewable energy utilization within the town. Approximately half of this energy output caters to the operational needs of the new sports and cultural center, embracing a green energy future.

Scheduled for completion in 2024, the center's transformation includes the establishment of an advanced solar network. The solar panels, covering over 3,300 square meters, grace the roofs of the tennis and gymnasium halls, along with the south-facing facades of the tennis and climbing halls. Repower, the esteemed energy company based in the Grisons region, spearheads ownership of this solar venture. The local trades executed the photovoltaic installation, ensuring regional involvement and employment.

The solar facility primarily serves the energy demands of the sports and cultural hub. Projections anticipate an annual generation of 600,000 kWh, with nearly half directed towards sustaining the Fontauna Center's operations. During winter, supplementary power from the grid supports the sporting facilities, including the ice rink, compensating for reduced solar yield due to snow cover on the rooftop panels. However, the facade-installed panels continue to reliably supply the center's electricity needs even during the winter months.

Clemens Berther, Vice Mayor of Disentis and President of the Fontauna Center's Construction Commission, regards the successful integration of the solar infrastructure as a pivotal stride toward the town's sustainable advancement. The solar network not only contributes significantly to the energy supply but also positions the Fontauna Center as a pioneering model for environmentally conscious initiatives.

Commencing its reconstruction in May 2022, the refurbished Fontauna Center aims to become a communal hotspot for both locals and visitors, offering a spectrum of revitalized sports facilities and upgraded amenities, including revamped sports halls, changing rooms, sanitary facilities, and an alfresco cafeteria.


The completion of the integrated solar system at the Center Fontauna in Disentis signifies a progressive step toward sustainable energy adoption. Led by Repower, this initiative demonstrates the town's commitment to eco-conscious development, as it significantly contributes to meeting the energy needs of the new sports and cultural center while setting a noteworthy example for environmentally responsible actions.

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