Mahindra Unveils XUV400 Pro: Electric Marvel Unleashed

XUV400 Pro
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Mahindra & Mahindra launches the XUV400 Pro, an all-electric SUV range, starting at an enticing price of $21,000. The lineup introduces three variants with advanced features and enhanced comfort, including an Adrenox connected car system, 26.04cm infotainment system, and a Nebula Blue color option. The innovative design, wireless charging, and dual-zone temperature control redefine the electric driving experience. Bookings open on January 12, 2024, with deliveries commencing on February 01, 2024, and introductory prices lasting until May 31, 2024.


In a paradigm-shifting move, Mahindra & Mahindra, the stalwart of SUV manufacturing in India, has unfurled the XUV400 Pro Range, a testament to the brand's commitment to electric innovation. Priced enticingly at $21,000, the Pro Range boasts three distinct variants: EC Pro, EL Pro, and EL Pro, each equipped with cutting-edge technology and heightened comfort features.

The cockpit of the XUV400 Pro Range is a marvel of modern connectivity and user-friendly design. Anchored by a 26.04 cm infotainment system and an equivalent instrument cluster, the vehicle beckons drivers into an era of advanced technology. The Adrenox connected car system, with over 50 features, amplifies the driving experience, enhancing safety and overall functionality.

Comfort takes center stage in this electric symphony. Dual-zone Automatic Temperature Control ensures a tailored climate experience, complemented by dedicated rear air vents for passengers' utmost comfort. A wireless charger and a rear USB port empower occupants to stay seamlessly connected on the move, a nod to the evolving demands of contemporary lifestyles.

Mahindra's commitment to technological evolution is evident in the promise of wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay features through over-the-air firmware updates. The integration of Alexa compatibility further underscores the brand's dedication to a user-centric driving experience, promising effortless navigation.

The aesthetic allure of the XUV400 Pro Range is not to be overlooked. Nebula Blue, a new color option, adorns the sleek silhouette, accentuated by a Shark Fin Antenna. Inside, the harmonious blend of modern dual-tone interiors, satin-copper accents, and natural-grain, perforated leatherette seats encapsulates a plush and sophisticated interior design.


As Mahindra & Mahindra unfurls the XUV400 Pro Range, the automotive landscape witnesses a transformative stride towards electric brilliance. Priced competitively at $21,000, this all-electric marvel encapsulates cutting-edge technology, heightened comfort, and a sophisticated design ethos. With the promise of over-the-air updates and a captivating Nebula Blue option, Mahindra's foray into electric excellence sets a new standard for the evolving world of electric SUVs.

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