May Mobility Launches Revolutionary Driverless Service in Sun City

May Mobility
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May Mobility pioneers driverless transit services in Sun City, Arizona, deploying rider-only autonomous vehicles powered by their Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM) technology. The launch marks a transformative step towards accessible, safe, and reliable transportation, leveraging innovative AV solutions for community mobility needs.


May Mobility introduces its first driverless service in Sun City, Arizona, deploying rider-only vehicles equipped with their proprietary Multi-Policy Decision Making (MPDM) technology. The MPDM system analyzes multiple scenarios per second, ensuring safe driving decisions without an operator in the driver's seat.

CEO Edwin Olson sees the rider-only operations as a crucial move for May Mobility's commercial growth, emphasizing collaboration with partners, regulators, insurers, and riders in their phased technology rollout.

May Mobility's MPDM system tackles uncertain driving conditions, enabling real-time onboard simulations to make optimal safety-focused decisions. This approach differentiates their AV technology, enhancing adaptability and scalability.

Anna Brunelle, CFO of May Mobility, highlights the cost-efficient scalability of their autonomy solution, positioning the company toward profitability and further expansion.

The transition from safety operator-assisted vehicles to rider-only service began after successful trials in Sun City in partnership with TransitTech company Via. The rider-only service aims to enhance mobility for the retirement community, leveraging AVs for safe, shared, and on-demand transportation.

Early Riders in Sun City will enjoy the rider-only service at no cost initially, providing valuable feedback to shape and enhance the safety and reliability of May Mobility's AVs.

Powered by Via, this rider-only service targets essential locations within Sun City, catering to a diverse group of Early Riders with varying transportation needs, shaping the future of public transit.

May Mobility plans to expand rider-only services, emphasizing collaboration with cities and transit agencies to address transportation challenges and improve public transit systems.


May Mobility's launch of rider-only AV services in Sun City represents a pioneering step toward safer, more accessible urban transportation. By deploying driverless vehicles equipped with MPDM technology, the company aims to redefine community mobility, setting new benchmarks for rider safety and transport equity.

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