Metamorphosis of Mina de Fábrica: Decaracterization Unveiled

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In the heart of Ouro Preto's Mina de Fábrica, the transformative process of decaracterization unfolds. Initiating in 2023, Grupo and Área IX's structures are undergoing a profound metamorphosis, with completion anticipated by 2025. The meticulous endeavors encompass reject removal in Grupo and the initial phase of reinforcing the Área IX structure. Pivotal to these operations is an unwavering commitment to safety and environmental preservation, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the surroundings.


In the serene landscape of Ouro Preto's Mina de Fábrica, a silent revolution is underway. The year 2023 marked the commencement of a transformative journey as Grupo and Área IX's structures embraced the process of decaracterization. This ambitious endeavor, poised to conclude its current phase in 2025, signifies a paradigm shift in mining practices, prioritizing safety, and environmental harmony.

The Grupo barragem stands witness to an intricate dance of removal, as reject materials are systematically extracted. Simultaneously, Área IX embarks on the initial steps of decaracterization, unveiling a meticulous process involving the construction of a reinforcing embankment. Every action within these operations is orchestrated with an unwavering dedication to ensuring the well-being of both individuals and the surrounding environment.

Central to the decaracterization initiative is the profound commitment to safety. Rigorous measures are in place to mitigate risks and uphold the highest standards of operational security. Environmental consciousness is woven into the fabric of these efforts, ensuring that the transformation leaves no ecological footprint. The meticulous planning and execution underscore the mining industry's evolving ethos towards sustainability.

The Mina de Fábrica, a tapestry of interconnected structures including Forquilhas I, II, and III, is poised for a comprehensive metamorphosis. The ongoing decaracterization project aligns with the Plano Preparatório Para o Período Chuvoso (PPPC), a preparatory plan for the rainy season. Continuous inspection activities and perpetual maintenance activities blanket all structures, with vigilant monitoring conducted in real-time. The entire process undergoes scrutiny from independent audits and competent regulatory bodies, exemplifying a commitment to transparency and accountability.

As the project unfolds, it symbolizes a progressive stance in mining practices. The shift towards decaracterization reflects an industry-wide recognition of the need for responsible resource utilization. The Mina de Fábrica's journey exemplifies a harmonious coexistence between industrial pursuits and environmental stewardship.


The transformative journey of decaracterization within Grupo and Área IX at Ouro Preto's Mina de Fábrica is a testament to the mining industry's commitment to sustainable practices. The meticulous extraction of rejects and the strategic reinforcement of structures underscore a paradigm shift towards responsible resource management. Safety remains paramount in this intricate dance of transformation, ensuring the well-being of individuals and the preservation of the surrounding environment. As the project progresses, it not only reshapes the physical landscape but also contributes to a broader narrative of evolving mining practices, where environmental consciousness and operational excellence go hand in hand.

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