Metso's Green Revolution: Electric Furnace Unveiled

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Metso takes a leap towards sustainability with the launch of the Outotec® Mineral Wool Furnace, an electric melting solution for the mineral wool industry. The shift from traditional gas- or coal-fired furnaces to electric alternatives aims to significantly reduce CO₂ emissions in response to growing demands for energy-efficient insulation materials. Metso's innovation promises decreased carbon footprints, high plant efficiency, and a modular design adaptable to various applications.


In a groundbreaking move towards eco-friendly practices, Metso Corporation introduces the Outotec® Mineral Wool Furnace, a revolutionary electric melting solution designed to transform the mineral wool industry. Traditionally, the industry relied on gas- or coal-fired cupola furnaces for melting raw materials, contributing to substantial CO₂emissions. Metso's response to the call for sustainability comes in the form of an electric furnace that not only meets the tightening energy-efficiency requirements but also aligns with the industry's pursuit of carbon neutrality.

The demand for insulation materials is on the rise, driven by increasingly stringent energy-efficiency standards. Simultaneously, the industry is committed to enhancing production efficiency and achieving carbon neutrality in manufacturing processes. Metso's Outotec® Mineral Wool Furnace emerges as a key player in this transformative journey, presenting an efficient solution to curtail carbon dioxide emissions during the melting process.

Tom Rönnberg, Technology Director at Metso, emphasizes the significance of the Outotec® Mineral Wool Furnace in reducing carbon footprints. The furnace's design draws inspiration from Metso's established proprietary equipment used in various applications, including ferroalloy and slag cleaning. This innovative furnace, forming part of Metso's Planet Positive offering, brings forth several benefits crucial for a sustainable future.

Key Benefits of Metso’s Outotec® Mineral Wool Furnace:

1. **Decreased CO₂Emissions:** The furnace contributes to a substantial reduction in carbon dioxide emissions during the melting process.

2. **High Plant Availability:** Ensures operational continuity with a prolonged furnace campaign life.

3. **Modular Design:** Easily customizable for individual applications, offering flexibility in diverse scenarios.

4. **Safe Operation:** Prioritizes safety in furnace operations, aligning with industry standards.

Metso goes beyond providing the furnace alone, offering a complete plant solution that includes gas cleaning, proprietary technology, and comprehensive process control. The inclusion of digital solutions like the Process Advisor and Furnace Camera enhances the efficiency and control aspects of the entire production process.


Metso's introduction of the Outotec® Mineral Wool Furnace signifies a crucial step towards sustainable practices in the mineral wool industry. The electric furnace not only addresses the industry's growing demand for insulation materials but also aligns with environmental goals by significantly reducing CO₂emissions. As part of Metso's Planet Positive offering, the furnace brings forth a host of benefits, including decreased carbon footprints, high plant efficiency, and a modular design for versatile applications. This innovation underlines Metso's commitment to providing sustainable technologies that drive positive change in the aggregates, minerals processing, and metals refining industries globally.

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