NOMOQ's Canvolution: Crafting Tailored Beverage Experiences

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NOMOQ revolutionizes the beverage industry with the launch of undecorated aluminium cans, providing unparalleled flexibility to businesses. This innovative addition to their product lineup allows customers to seamlessly integrate labeled productions with NOMOQ's digitally decorated cans, streamlining the packaging supply chain. Positioned to empower craft beverage businesses, NOMOQ's initiative aligns with sustainability goals in the booming aluminium can market. The offering promises high-quality solutions, demonstrating the circular economy in action and responding to the rising demand for eco-friendly packaging.


In a stride towards beverage packaging innovation, NOMOQ introduces a game-changing addition to its product range: blank aluminium beverage cans. This groundbreaking move allows customers the freedom to integrate labeled productions alongside NOMOQ's cutting-edge digitally decorated aluminium cans. More than just a new product, this initiative is a strategic response to the evolving needs of businesses in the beverage industry.

NOMOQ, a trailblazer in providing packaging solutions, recognizes the demand for flexibility in packaging choices. By offering both blank, undecorated cans and printed cans, NOMOQ empowers businesses to tailor their beverage experiences according to their branding and marketing strategies. The convenience of sourcing both types of cans from a single supplier within the same transportation system simplifies the procurement process for businesses, making it a seamless experience.

Patrick Schweizer, Co-Founder of NOMOQ, expresses excitement about the launch, citing customer feedback as a driving force. The aim is to provide more packaging options from one supplier, acknowledging aluminium cans as one of the most recycled beverage packaging options. NOMOQ's commitment to a circular economy is evident as they offer their expertise to a wider customer base.

As eco-friendly and recyclable packaging gains precedence, NOMOQ strategically positions itself to meet the evolving needs of businesses. The introduction of blank aluminium cans aligns with environmental sustainability goals, crucial in a market where the demand for aluminium cans is consistently rising. NOMOQ's expanding portfolio is poised to streamline the packaging supply chains of craft beverage businesses, offering them a comprehensive solution.

The UK beverage industry, experiencing steady growth, is expected to surpass £8 billion in revenue by the end of 2023. With an anticipated 22.2 million users by 2027, the industry is witnessing a shift in drinking habits post-pandemic and a heightened preference for fully recyclable packaging. As the nation embraces canned beverages, NOMOQ's innovative offering addresses the growing demand for canned products well into 2024 and beyond.

**Advantages of NOMOQ's Offering:**

1. **Sustainable Logistics:** Procuring both digitally printed and blank cans from a single distributor enhances supply chain efficiency, simplifies logistics, and reduces the overall carbon footprint. NOMOQ's commitment to eco-friendly operations aligns seamlessly with this consolidated approach.

2. **Cost Efficiency:** Consolidating orders from a solitary warehouse decreases transportation costs. Filling a delivery lorry with cans from the same location results in a cost-effective shipping solution, contributing to overall savings for businesses optimizing their supply chain operations.

3. **24/7 Convenience:** NOMOQ's e-commerce platform allows customers to order both blank silver cans and digitally printed branded cans conveniently, offering a user-friendly solution available at any time.


NOMOQ's introduction of blank aluminium cans marks a significant leap in the beverage packaging landscape. This innovative offering not only responds to the industry's call for flexibility but also aligns with environmental sustainability goals. By providing both blank and digitally printed cans, NOMOQ empowers businesses to craft tailored beverage experiences while streamlining their supply chain operations. As the UK beverage industry continues to grow, NOMOQ's forward-thinking approach positions it as a key player in meeting the evolving demands of businesses and consumers alike.

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