Power Play: MAN & ABB E-mobility Forge Megawatt Charging Pact

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MAN Truck & Bus and ABB E-mobility embark on an exclusive R&D collaboration, aiming to advance developments in the commercial vehicle industry. Focused on megawatt charging systems, the partnership addresses challenges like the ISO15118-20 communication standard, aiming for sustainable and cost-effective long-distance transport. The three-year cooperation emphasizes customer experience, striving for high charging performance and reliable technology to drive the success of electromobility in heavy goods and passenger transport.


In a groundbreaking move, MAN Truck & Bus and ABB E-mobility have inked an exclusive cooperation agreement, signifying a pivotal step in advancing research and development in the commercial vehicle industry.

Thomas Nickels, Senior Vice President Engineering at MAN, highlights the uniqueness of this partnership in an industry where such collaborations are uncommon. The primary objective is to foster a close, trustworthy, and transparent partnership, focusing on joint product and standard development tailored to the distinctive requirements of the commercial vehicle sector.

The collaboration's centerpiece is the megawatt charging system (MCS), a critical element for enabling megawatt-range charging capacities in future long-distance heavy goods and passenger transport. Nickels emphasizes the importance of cross-industry cooperation in overcoming challenges associated with this technology, particularly in implementing the ISO15118-20 communication standard and exploring new signal transmission methods.

Ethernet communication forms the foundation for megawatt charging, a pioneering move in electromobility. The collaboration will involve early software and interoperability tests with vehicles and charging stations to hasten the establishment of reliable products in the emerging market.

The initial three-year collaboration is designed to prioritize customer experience alongside internal development and evolution of charging stations, vehicles, and software. Floris van de Klashorst, Senior Vice President Products & Hardware Platforms at ABB E-mobility, emphasizes the need for high charging performance, reliable technology, and customer confidence to ensure the success of electromobility in heavy goods and long-distance passenger transport. The joint effort aims to bring a market-ready product meeting logistics requirements by 2025.

Van de Klashorst sheds light on the broader scope of the collaboration, extending beyond logistics to envisioning the application of MCS in the travel sector, including motorhomes and coaches. This expansion introduces additional challenges and shifts in user behavior, emphasizing the need for a reliable ecosystem.

The partnership is set to pave the way for future projects, with a focus on developing a concept for the interaction of MCS and CCS (Combined Charging System), addressing factors such as space, energy supply, and grid expansion. The extensive expertise of MAN is expected to contribute to customer-oriented solutions, both in depot operations and on the road.


The strategic collaboration between MAN Truck & Bus and ABB E-mobility heralds a new era in advancing electromobility for commercial vehicles. With a focus on megawatt charging systems, the partnership aims to overcome industry challenges, foster innovation, and deliver reliable solutions. The three-year commitment underscores the significance of cross-industry cooperation, emphasizing the importance of customer experience, high charging performance, and the integration of sustainable technologies. This collaboration not only propels advancements in logistics but also envisions broader applications in the travel sector, showcasing the potential for transformative developments in electromobility.

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