Railway Renaissance: Valènciaport's Expansion

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Valènciaport invites bids for doubling tracks and introducing a third railway line between Poniente and Levante docks. Valued at over $12 million, the project aims to facilitate access for 750-meter freight trains to the Levante Railway Terminal, removing existing operational limitations. Funded by the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, the initiative aligns with Valènciaport's strategy to enhance railway usage, adapt to new demands, and promote environmental sustainability.


Valènciaport, through the Port Authority of València (PAV), has unveiled a transformative project, now open for bidding, to double tracks and implement a third railway line connecting Poniente and Levante docks at the Port of València. The endeavor, valued at over $12 million, holds a crucial role in the port's strategy to enhance railway infrastructure and adapt to growing demands.

Once operational, the project will enable 750-meter-long freight trains to access the Levante Railway Terminal on newly introduced double mixed tracks. This strategic move seeks to eliminate existing operational constraints tied to a single-track section, paving the way for increased operational efficiency.

The extension of tracks not only caters to the evolving needs of APM's accesses but also opens avenues for accommodating more trains within the Port. This expansion plays a pivotal role in facilitating convoy access to the future rail motorway and Valencia Terminal Europa (VTE).

This initiative aligns with Valènciaport's overarching railway strategy, aiming to boost railway usage. Recent years have witnessed an uptick in train traffic, constituting around 8% of the total goods traffic at the Valencian docks. As the Mediterranean Corridor prepares to embrace international gauge operations, the adaptation and extension of railway infrastructures become imperative.

Crucially, this forward-looking project is financed by the funds from the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, underscoring a commitment to modernization and sustainability. The tender for this railway project invites bids for an amount exceeding $12 million, inclusive of VAT, with a stipulated completion period of 18 months.

The primary objectives of this railway expansion initiative are multi-faceted. It aims to meet the anticipated traffic increases by enhancing capacity, operability, connectivity, and safety levels. Furthermore, it seeks to enable railway operations on both Iberian and international gauges, accommodating electric traction, and promoting environmental sustainability.

The adaptation of the PAV railway network unfolds in sections, progressively advancing from the ADIF network connection. This phased approach minimizes the impact on railway operations, allowing for independent construction of each section. In particular, the project works pave the way for the operation of 750-meter-long goods trains to the Levante Railway Terminal on newly introduced double mixed electrified tracks, promising improved railway operations.

Additionally, the elimination of the existing single-track section addresses operational limitations incompatible with the envisaged traffic increases. Valènciaport, through the PAV, remains committed to modernizing and expanding its railway infrastructure, setting the stage for a more sustainable and efficient future.


In conclusion, Valènciaport's ambitious railway expansion project, now open for bidding, represents a significant leap towards modernization and sustainability. With a focus on doubling tracks and introducing a third railway line between Poniente and Levante docks, this initiative, valued at over $12 million and financed by the Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan, is poised to reshape the Port of València's railway landscape.

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