Renantis' Agrivoltaic Triumph in Sicily

RenantisImage Source: Renantis


Renantis celebrates the inauguration of a groundbreaking 9.7 MW solar project in Scicli, Sicily, integrating agriculture and renewable energy, envisaging a cleaner, sustainable future.


Renantis proudly announces the commencement of its pioneering agrivoltaic project in Scicli, Sicily, adding 9.7 MW of solar capacity to the region. Spanning 22 hectares, the site is anticipated to generate 20 GWh of clean energy annually, catering to over five thousand households.

Situated in Scicli's Landolina district, this innovative venture utilizes previously uncultivated land. Remarkably, over 75% of the area hosts both photovoltaic installations and crops, fostering an ingenious blend of agricultural production and renewable energy generation.

To honor the local ecosystem, Renantis prioritizes cultivating indigenous crops in collaboration with the University of Catania's Department of Agriculture, Food, and Environment. Fruit trees, medicinal herbs, and grazing grasses are among the cultivated varieties, creating a habitat conducive to beekeeping for honey production.

Local cooperative management ensures the project's integration within the community, offering employment opportunities and harnessing the region's historical significance.

Renantis champions community involvement through engagement programs, enabling local investment and fostering educational partnerships with schools and academia. A dedicated focus on developing the regional supply chain underscores Renantis' commitment to local farmers.

At the heart of Renantis' sustainability ethos lies a strong commitment to community upliftment. The project initiates a community benefit program, allocating funds to support local initiatives within the Municipality of Scicli. Additionally, scholarships for renewable energy studies reinforce the company's dedication to sustainability education.

A crowdfunding initiative empowered locals with a chance to invest sustainably, garnering €180,000 from 68 investors. Acknowledging its positive local impact, the project earned the prestigious “L’Italia che verrà” UnipolSai prize.

Giangiacomo Altobelli, Renantis' community relations manager, emphasizes the project's continuous commitment to Scicli, nurturing a symbiotic relationship that enhances both the area and Renantis.

Mayor Mario Marino of Scicli echoes the sentiment, expressing pride in aligning the city with environmentally beneficial endeavors, ushering in a transformative era of clean energy integration and social sustainability.


Renantis' agrivoltaic innovation not only exemplifies the synergy between agriculture and clean energy but also signifies a paradigm shift towards sustainable development. Its concerted efforts to blend renewable energy, community empowerment, and education reflect a holistic commitment to a greener, more prosperous future.

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