Revolutionizing Drilling: SLB & Nabors Unite

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Oil and gas giants SLB and Nabors Industries join forces to accelerate the adoption of automated drilling solutions. The collaboration aims to overcome global barriers by seamlessly integrating their platforms, offering enhanced well construction performance. The partnership allows customers to leverage a comprehensive suite of drilling automation technologies, fostering flexibility in utilizing rig control systems on either SLB’s PRECISE™ or Nabors’ SmartROS® operating systems.


In a groundbreaking move, SLB (Schlumberger) and Nabors Industries, two powerhouses in the oil and gas sector, have embarked on a collaboration set to reshape the landscape of automated drilling solutions. The joint effort, announced on January 11, 2024, signifies a strategic alliance aimed at propelling the widespread adoption of cutting-edge technologies in the drilling domain.

The core objective of this collaboration is to break down the barriers hindering the global acceptance of drilling automation. By integrating their platforms, SLB and Nabors aim to provide oil and gas operators, as well as drilling contractors, with a seamless and interoperable solution that enhances well construction performance and overall efficiency.

Jesus Lamas, President of Well Construction at SLB, emphasizes that system integration bottlenecks have been a significant hurdle in the path of global drilling automation adoption. The collaboration with Nabors is poised to address this challenge by offering E&P customers and drilling contractors worldwide greater access to high-performance drilling capabilities. Notably, this includes the implementation of Neuro™ autonomous directional drilling, showcasing a leap forward in drilling technology.

Subodh Saxena, Senior Vice President of Technology and Services at Nabors, lauds the collaboration as an industry-wide breakthrough. He highlights the excitement in teaming up with SLB, ensuring that their solutions become mutually accessible and contributing to the continuous expansion of Nabors’ digital solutions beyond their rigs.

The integration allows customers the flexibility to choose between SLB’s PRECISE™ and Nabors’ SmartROS® rig operating systems. This flexibility is crucial for operators and contractors, enabling them to optimize their existing rig control systems and equipment seamlessly.

As the industry witnesses this unprecedented collaboration, the potential impact on automated drilling solutions is vast. It not only signifies a technological leap but also demonstrates how collaborative efforts can dismantle obstacles and pave the way for the widespread adoption of innovations in the oil and gas sector.


The collaboration between SLB and Nabors Industries stands as a beacon of progress in the realm of automated drilling solutions. By pooling their expertise and integrating their platforms, the companies have taken a significant stride toward overcoming global barriers hindering the adoption of cutting-edge technologies in drilling. This partnership not only opens doors for customers to access a broader suite of drilling automation technologies but also showcases the power of industry collaboration in driving innovation. As the integrated solutions become more widely available, the industry can anticipate enhanced well construction performance and efficiency, marking a transformative phase in the evolution of drilling technology.

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