Revolutionizing Global Agriculture: Atlantic Project Cargo Triumph

Atlantic Project Cargo
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Atlantic Project Cargo leads in transporting heavy agricultural equipment worldwide, offering innovative logistics solutions. Known for safely shipping oversized machinery, their expertise resolves complex challenges in a global supply chain. Their exceptional response during crises, rerouting critical equipment during the Ukrainian conflict, illustrates their commitment to seamless, sustainable agricultural logistics.


Atlantic Project Cargo, a trailblazer in international shipping solutions for heavy agricultural and construction equipment, stands as an emblem of innovation and reliability in the logistics and transportation sector. Their track record in navigating intricate global shipping challenges has cemented them as pioneers in offering tailored door-to-door supply chain solutions that are both efficient and economically feasible.

Specializing in the transportation of oversized agricultural and construction equipment across borders, Atlantic Project Cargo has revolutionized the industry with bespoke solutions that ensure seamless global supply chain operations. Their adeptness in handling challenges unique to the sector, such as regulatory variations across countries and shipping complexities for oversized machinery, marks their pivotal role in enhancing the agricultural business landscape.

The company's innovation shines in scenarios where traditional shipping lines face limitations and soaring costs. Atlantic Project Cargo devises unique approaches, such as transporting oversized equipment in containers and providing comprehensive disassembly and loading services, ensuring timely and sustainable transportation at reasonable costs.

Atlantic Project Cargo's commitment to clients was exemplified during the Ukrainian conflict in February 2022, when approximately 100 units of crucial agricultural machinery were stranded at sea due to escalating tensions and port closures. Reacting swiftly, the company rerouted the equipment through alternative land and railway transportation within two weeks, showcasing their agility and unwavering dedication to customer service during challenging times.

CEO Maryanna Serafinas emphasized their partnership with the agricultural sector, highlighting the company's role in securing a sustainable food supply chain by efficiently moving heavy farm machinery worldwide. The Ukrainian crisis served as a testament to their ability to resolve complex challenges, ensuring successful outcomes in transporting heavy machinery across borders.

With over two decades of experience, 100,000 completed projects, and a robust global network, Atlantic Project Cargo remains dedicated to transparent pricing, accurate tracking, and expertise in handling oversized cargo. Committed to core values of honesty, respect, and unparalleled customer service, the company aims to drive the agricultural sector towards an efficient and sustainable future by facilitating the seamless transportation of heavy farm machinery worldwide.


Atlantic Project Cargo's commitment to innovative logistics solutions for heavy agricultural equipment showcases their pivotal role in reshaping the global supply chain. Through their expertise and dedication, they continue to ensure seamless operations, highlighting a future marked by efficiency and sustainability in agricultural logistics.

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