Revolutionizing Maritime: E-VOLT 50 Unveiled

GRSEImage Source: ABS


ABS, GRSE Ltd., Seatech, and Shift join forces to pioneer India’s electric tugboat, E-VOLT 50, aiming to reduce carbon emissions and redefine industry standards. With GRSE constructing, Seatech designing, Shift providing energy solutions, and ABS offering technical expertise, this collaboration marks a milestone in India’s push for green shipbuilding.


A revolutionary leap in India’s maritime industry unfolds as ABS, GRSE Ltd., Seatech, and Shift collectively ink a significant memorandum of understanding (MoU) to embark on the development of an electric tugboat, christened E-VOLT 50. This strategic initiative aligns with India’s ambitious vision of establishing itself as the 'Global Hub for Green Shipbuilding' by 2030.

The E-VOLT 50 sets its sights on pioneering a transformation within the tugboat domain by aiming to curtail carbon emissions, enhance operational efficiency, and establish new benchmarks for performance and environmental sustainability.

GRSE Ltd., renowned for its shipbuilding prowess, undertakes the construction of the E-VOLT 50, adopting the design blueprint furnished by Seatech. Meanwhile, Shift Clean Energy will play a pivotal role in providing cutting-edge energy storage solutions. ABS, leveraging its technical acumen, will facilitate technical reviews, advisory services, and compliance guidance in alignment with stringent regulatory safety standards.

Arnab Ghosh, ABS Vice President of Regional Business Development, expressed ABS’s commitment to leveraging their expertise in advanced battery technologies to bolster the E-VOLT 50 project. He emphasized the collaborative effort of innovative companies dedicated to maritime safety and transitioning to sustainable energy sources.

Commodore PR Hari, IN (Retd), Chairman, and Managing Director of GRSE, underscored the collaborative essence of this initiative and its significance in steering the maritime sector towards a cleaner and more environmentally responsible future.

Prabjot Chopra, Vice President Technology at SeaTech Solutions, highlighted the pioneering nature of India’s first electric tug, E-VOLT 50, as a catalyst for greener port operations and technological advancements in the maritime realm.

Lasse Agger Antonisen, Shift Clean Energy's Senior Director and Head of Sales, positioned the E-VOLT 50 initiative as a transformative moment, symbolizing a collective stride towards unparalleled benchmarks in performance, efficiency, and environmental stewardship within the maritime industry.

ABS, recognizing the imperative shift toward alternative energy options, particularly electrification, established the ABS Electrification Center in Singapore to support global maritime decarbonization projects earlier this year.


The collaboration among ABS, GRSE Ltd., Seatech, and Shift in birthing the E-VOLT 50 electric tugboat signifies a watershed moment in India’s maritime landscape. This pioneering initiative marks a decisive step towards reducing carbon emissions, enhancing operational efficiency, and setting new environmental standards. The concerted effort of these industry leaders amplifies the maritime industry's trajectory towards sustainable and innovative solutions for a cleaner future.

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