RWE's Green Symphony: 20th Wind Farm Enchants Poland

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RWE celebrates a green milestone as the Żnin wind farm, its 20th onshore wind venture in Poland, begins operation. With 16 turbines generating 48 MW, it powers 77,000 Polish homes annually. RWE secured a 15-year contract for difference, ensuring stable returns and protecting consumers from price fluctuations. The company's commitment to renewables in Poland expands, with installed onshore capacity exceeding 540 MW. CEO Katja Wünschel emphasizes long-term investment, community collaboration, and growth in diverse renewable technologies.


In a triumph for green energy, RWE adds a poetic note to Poland's landscape with the inauguration of its 20th onshore wind farm, the Żnin wind farm. Nestled in Kujawsko-Pomorskie, 260 kilometers east of Szczecin, this wind symphony consists of 16 turbines, each boasting a 3 MW rated output. In a mere 17 months, RWE's onshore team has choreographed the turbines into action, gracefully turning their rotor blades to harness the power of the wind.

The Żnin wind farm is more than a marvel of engineering; it's a beacon of sustainability. With a collective capacity of 48 MW, these turbines orchestrate an annual performance that meets the calculated energy demands of up to 77,000 Polish households. Even before the turbines danced to life, RWE secured a 15-year contract for difference (CfD) from the Polish government. This strategic move shields RWE from price volatility, ensuring a stable investment while safeguarding consumers against unforeseen price hikes.

Katja Wünschel, the CEO of RWE Renewables Europe & Australia, expresses pride in the company's steady growth in Poland, a core market. She emphasizes RWE's commitment to long-term investments, spanning various renewable technologies, including a substantial expansion in photovoltaics. The focus extends beyond business; it revolves around deep collaboration with local communities and sustained partnerships in the regional wind and solar sector.

As a global leader in renewable energies, RWE showcases resilience and dedication in its Polish portfolio expansion. The Żnin wind farm elevates RWE's onshore capacity in Poland to an impressive 540 MW, marking a significant stride in the nation's journey towards sustainability. The company's commitment to green initiatives echoes in its recent move to new offices in the "Warsaw Unit" skyscraper, symbolizing its presence and growth in the heart of Warsaw.

The RWE team in Poland, now comprising approximately 200 colleagues, anticipates further growth, reflecting the upward trajectory of the company's influence in the region. As the turbines at Żnin gracefully harness the wind, they embody RWE's commitment to a sustainable and harmonious future, resonating with the company's global vision.


RWE's Żnin wind farm not only marks a numerical achievement but symbolizes a commitment to Poland's green future. As the blades turn, RWE's 20th onshore wind venture elegantly contributes to the nation's energy landscape. The 15-year CfD ensures stability, echoing RWE's dedication to long-term sustainability and collaboration with local communities. With a growing team and diversified renewable technologies, RWE's presence in Poland becomes a promising chapter in the nation's journey towards a greener tomorrow.

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