Sailing Green Horizons: Wärtsilä's Prolonged Pact with Carnival



Wärtsilä and Carnival Corporation extend their Performance-based agreement, initially established in 2017, until March 2030. This collaboration encompasses maintenance, technical support, and fuel-saving solutions for 57 cruise ships in Carnival Corporation's global fleet. By optimizing Wärtsilä engines, the initiative aims to reduce fuel consumption, consequently lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Aligned with Carnival's ambition for net-zero emissions by 2050, the extended partnership emphasizes their shared commitment to environmental sustainability.


In a strategic move towards sustainable maritime practices, technology group Wärtsilä and Carnival Corporation & plc have inked a one-year extension to their Performance-based agreement, originally initiated in 2017. The extended pact, stretching until March 2030, solidifies their commitment to fostering environmental responsibility across Carnival Corporation's expansive fleet of 57 cruise ships.

The agreement, signed in October 2023, encompasses a comprehensive range of services, including maintenance, technical support, optimization, and innovative fuel-saving solutions. The primary focus is on enhancing the performance and efficiency of Wärtsilä engines, leading to a reduction in fuel consumption and, consequently, a decline in greenhouse gas emissions. This initiative holds pivotal importance within Carnival Corporation's overarching strategy to curtail emissions throughout its fleet operations.

Riccardo Cordara, AVP Fleet Asset Management at Carnival Corporation, affirms, "In extending our agreement with Wärtsilä, we are emphasizing our commitment to reducing our environmental impact as we pursue net zero emissions by 2050." The partnership with Wärtsilä is identified as a crucial element in Carnival's mission to achieve sustainability milestones.

Andy Dickinson, Director PBL at Wärtsilä, expresses enthusiasm about the extended partnership, stating, "We are pleased to continue and strengthen our long-term partnership with Carnival Corporation via this agreement extension. Wärtsilä can leverage its vast experience, in-house expertise, and innovative approach to maintenance support to optimize performance and efficiency. The result benefits not only cruise operations but the environment as a whole."

The agreement goes beyond routine services, incorporating technical advisory for major overhauls, technical audits, crew training, equipment monitoring, and an industry-first tailored fuel savings program. Carnival Corporation & plc, boasting the title of the largest global cruise company, sees this extended collaboration with Wärtsilä as a strategic move in aligning its cruise operations with sustainable and eco-friendly practices.


The extension of the Performance-based agreement between Wärtsilä and Carnival Corporation marks a continued commitment to advancing sustainability in the maritime industry. As the collaboration extends until March 2030, the focus on optimizing engine performance and reducing fuel consumption aligns seamlessly with Carnival's goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This strategic partnership not only benefits cruise operations but stands as a testament to both entities' dedication to environmental stewardship. By leveraging Wärtsilä's expertise, Carnival Corporation strengthens its position as a leader in adopting innovative and eco-conscious solutions for a greener maritime future.

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