Sailing into Tomorrow: Carisbrooke's Green Revolution

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Carisbrooke Shipping embarks on a groundbreaking venture in collaboration with GT Green Technologies and The University of Bristol. Securing a substantial £3.7 million grant from the UK Department for Transport, Carisbrooke is set to revolutionize commercial shipping by installing the innovative AirWing™ unit on one of its UK-registered vessels. This wind propulsion technology promises to usher in a new era of sustainable and eco-friendly maritime practices, addressing the critical need for green solutions in the shipping industry.


Carisbrooke Shipping, a key player in the maritime domain, is poised to make history with a transformative project that could reshape the future of commercial shipping. Teaming up with GT Green Technologies and The University of Bristol, the company secured a substantial £3.7 million grant from the UK Department for Transport (DfT) to propel a revolutionary shift toward sustainability in maritime operations.

At the heart of this ambitious initiative lies the AirWing™, a state-of-the-art wind propulsion solution crafted by GT Green Technologies. The technology, known for its patent-pending airflow manipulation, offers a compact and lightweight design while maximizing thrust output. This becomes particularly crucial for general cargo ships facing deck space constraints, addressing a pressing need for sustainable shipping practices.

Carisbrooke Shipping, overseeing the technical management of a global fleet comprising 27 vessels, stands as a pioneer in adopting the AirWing™ technology. Capt. Simon Merritt, Senior Fleet Manager at Carisbrooke Shipping, expressed his excitement about prototyping the AirWing concept in 2024. The utilization of AirWing technology is expected to significantly reduce operating costs through lower fuel consumption and emissions, further enhancing the vessel's green credentials.

The collaboration extends to The University of Bristol, contributing academic expertise in composite structures testing and modeling. Tobias Laux, Research Associate at the university, emphasizes the importance of cross-disciplinary research in fluid dynamics, structures, and ship science to fully unlock the potential of wind propulsion.

Carisbrooke Shipping's commitment to sustainability and innovation in the shipping industry is underscored by its recognition as a winner of the Maritime UK Solent award in the Technology Game Changer category for 2023. The company proudly aligns with the Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition Round 4 (CMDC4), a part of the UK Department for Transport's UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE) program.

The Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC) is a flagship initiative within UK SHORE, aiming to accelerate the development of clean maritime technologies. CMDC4, with an allocation of £33 million, supports 33 projects across the UK to deliver demonstrations, pre-deployment trials, and feasibility studies between April 2024 and March 2025. This substantial investment underscores the UK government's commitment to decarbonizing the maritime sector and fostering innovation in clean maritime technologies.


Carisbrooke Shipping's foray into wind-powered maritime innovation marks a pivotal moment in the industry's transition towards sustainability. With the AirWing™ technology poised to reshape propulsion dynamics, Carisbrooke takes the lead in embracing green practices. The collaboration with GT Green Technologies and The University of Bristol, backed by significant government funding, exemplifies a commitment to pioneering solutions that reduce emissions, lower operating costs, and set a new standard for eco-friendly shipping practices. As the winds of change propel Carisbrooke's vessels, the maritime sector witnesses a promising step towards a cleaner and greener future.

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