Sirius Jet: Hydrogen Heights

Sirius Aviation
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Swiss innovator Sirius Aviation AG introduces the Sirius Jet, the world's first hydrogen Vertical Take-Off and Landing aircraft. Crafted with BMW's Designworks and Sauber Group, it promises zero-emission flight, extended range, and near-silent operation. Set for 2025, it offers two versions: Sirius Business Jet for private use and Sirius Millennium Jet for commercial aviation, marking a pivotal moment in sustainable air travel.


Sirius Aviation AG, a Swiss trailblazer, unveils the Sirius Jet, heralding a new era in aviation. Collaborating with BMW's Designworks and Sauber Group, this hydrogen-powered VTOL aircraft merges jet aerodynamics with airplane versatility. The Sirius Jet boasts extended range, impressive speeds, and near-silent flight, showcasing a commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Pioneering cutting-edge technology, Sirius Jet's hydrogen-electric propulsion system sets it apart. The fusion of jet aerodynamics, precision engineering, and a commitment to sustainability positions it as an aviation game-changer. Scheduled for 2025, it presents two variants catering to private and commercial needs.

The Sirius Business Jet, designed for private use, boasts a 1150-mile range, 323 mph cruise speed, and 30,000 feet altitude capability, ensuring a unique flying experience for up to three passengers. On the commercial front, the Sirius Millennium Jet offers a 650-mile range, accommodating up to five passengers, making sustainable air travel accessible.

Sirius Aviation AG collaborates with industry leaders, including BMW Group's DesignWorks, Sauber Group, Alfleth Engineering AG, and ALD Group. This alliance signifies a commitment to sustainable, efficient, and high-performance aviation, elevating Sirius Jet's status in the industry.


The Sirius Jet's unveiling marks a historic milestone in aviation, symbolizing Sirius Aviation AG's dedication to pioneering sustainable air travel. With its futuristic design, advanced technology, and strategic partnerships, the Sirius Jet is set to redefine the aviation landscape. As it takes flight in 2025, it signals the beginning of a new era – one that prioritizes eco-friendly and high-performance air travel.

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