Solar Sails: Valenciaport's Green Energy Odyssey

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Valenciaport charts a course toward sustainability as the Port Authority of València and Valencia Terminal Europa embark on the construction of their third solar power plant. With a commitment to decarbonization, the project aligns with a joint strategy between PAV and the Grimaldi Group. This initiative, fueled by European Union Next Generation funds and the Spanish Government's Recovery Plan, signifies a leap towards the Zero Emissions Objective, generating 11% of the port's electricity needs. As solar energy unfurls its potential, Valenciaport sails closer to the horizon of climate-neutral port operations.


In a significant stride towards a greener future, Valenciaport sets sail on its sustainable energy journey with the initiation of the third solar power plant. The Port Authority of València (PAV) and Valencia Terminal Europa (VTE), a subsidiary of the Grimaldi Group, formalized an agreement to regulate the installation, operation, and maintenance of a photovoltaic infrastructure taking shape on the roof of the vehicle silo in the VTE concession on the East Dock.

The collaborative effort, driven by a joint strategy between PAV and the Grimaldi Group, stands as a testament to their commitment to decarbonization and achieving the Zero Emissions Objective in Valencian docks. This venture adds to a series of initiatives, including hydrogen projects and Onshore Power Supply installations, aimed at reducing the environmental footprint of port activities.

The President of Valenciaport, Mar Chao, and Antonio Crespo, Director of Valencia Terminal Europa, sealed the agreement in a working meeting, underscoring the pivotal role of this project in the overall sustainability agenda. Crespo highlighted the importance of decarbonization, emphasizing the shared vision of PAV and the Grimaldi Group in fostering climate-neutral port operations.

Mar Chao accentuated the impact of the photovoltaic infrastructure, estimating its contribution to approximately 11% of the port's electricity consumption. The plant, executed by the joint venture of Lantania S.A.U and Tecmo Instalaciones, represents an investment exceeding 16 million euros. Funding from the European Union's Next Generation funds and the Spanish Government's Recovery, Transformation, and Resilience Plan underscores the broader support for this clean energy endeavor.

The solar plant sprawls across 27,700 m2 on the roof of the terminal, equipped with 10,773 photovoltaic modules on a metallic structure inclined at four degrees. Facing south, the installation aims to generate around 9,000 MWh/year, making a substantial dent in the Port of València's electricity needs.

This initiative marks the second photovoltaic installation awarded by PAV, complementing the ongoing efforts towards sustainable energy adoption. With the first plant already undergoing testing at the Príncipe Felipe dock, these solar parks collectively aspire to fulfill 14% of the port's electricity consumption.

As the wheels of progress turn, Valenciaport envisions a future with even greater reliance on clean energies. Plans for a third, larger photovoltaic plant are on the horizon, aligning with the strategic objective of achieving zero emissions by 2030.


Valenciaport's commitment to solar energy exemplifies a transformative shift towards sustainable port operations. With each photovoltaic plant, the port sails closer to its ambitious goal of zero emissions. The strategic initiatives, spanning solar, hydrogen, LNG, and more, underscore a holistic approach to decarbonization. As Valenciaport paves the way for cleaner, greener ports, it becomes a beacon for the maritime industry's sustainable future.

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