Stellar Voyage: Gravity I Triumph

Gravity I
Gravity IImage Source: Baowu


China's maiden launch of the Gravity I rocket, the world's largest solid rocket, unfolds seamlessly thanks to Suzhou Dafang's extraordinary transport vehicles. The 31.4-meter rocket, weighing 405 metric tons, set records as the largest global solid carrier and China's premier bundled commercial rocket. Suzhou Dafang's hydraulic-powered transport modules played a vital role, showcasing their technical prowess in aiding the nation's successful space mission.


In a groundbreaking achievement, China's Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center orchestrates the inaugural flight of the Gravity I rocket, a colossal 31.4-meter behemoth weighing 405 metric tons. The launch, deemed a resounding success, propels three Yunyao-1 satellites into their designated orbits. Notably, Gravity I marks several milestones, including the world's largest solid carrier, China's most potent commercial rocket, and the nation's first bundled commercial rocket.

Facilitating this landmark launch is Suzhou Dafang's Suzhou Dafang's SPMTs, specially crafted by Baosteel Engineering. These autonomous, hydraulic-powered transport modules played a crucial role in the modular and convenient transfer and boarding of the rocket. The successful mission underscores the exceptional technological capabilities and contributions of Suzhou Dafang's specialized transport equipment to the country's aerospace endeavors.

Suzhou Dafang's transport marvel is a homegrown innovation, featuring a dynamic power module (PPU), four-axis line, and six-axis line modules that can be flexibly combined based on requirements. Utilizing a state-of-the-art static pressure-driven system, electronic/hydraulic control for omnidirectional steering, and a hydraulic system for platform elevation, these vehicles are adaptable for transporting oversized objects like those in the petrochemical industry, large ship segments, prefabricated bridges, and blast furnaces.

The Gravity I rocket's transportation was executed using the vertical roll-on method with SPMTs, ensuring modular and convenient transfer and boarding. This meticulous approach guarantees the triumphant sea launch of the rocket. Looking ahead, Suzhou Dafang commits to continuous technological innovation and the principles of the "Four Modernizations" and "Four Profound Capabilities," aiming to provide exceptional transport equipment for the nation's critical projects. The company aspires to be a premier service provider in green, intelligent heavy-duty logistics transportation equipment.


In the saga of space exploration, the triumphant launch of the Gravity I rocket stands as a testament to China's prowess in rocketry. Suzhou Dafang's SPMTs, with their cutting-edge technology, played a pivotal role, underscoring the company's commitment to supporting the nation's space endeavors. As China reaches new heights in space exploration, Suzhou Dafang remains a key contributor to the success of critical missions.

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