Submerged Alliances: Fincantieri & WSense

WSenseImage Source: Ports of Europe


Fincantieri and WSense penned a pact to explore the Underwater Internet of Things (UIoT) realm. Their collaboration aims at pioneering adaptive underwater communication systems and positioning solutions for unmanned vessels, merging defense expertise with WSense's civilian applications. This alliance not only highlights technological prowess but also envisions Italy's strategic leap in the Blue Economy.


Fincantieri, a stalwart in submarine construction for the Italian Navy, and WSense, specializing in underwater monitoring tech, have solidified their collaboration in the burgeoning domain of the Underwater Internet of Things (UIoT). The partnership marks a strategic convergence to explore innovative solutions and technologies submerged beneath the ocean's surface.

The Memorandum of Understanding between Fincantieri and WSense encompasses various domains. Key areas of exploration include adaptive underwater communications, the development of a multimodal network, and solutions for positioning unmanned surface and underwater vessels. Moreover, the agreement delves into cloud-based solutions within the defense sector, leveraging WSense's established civilian applications.

Pierroberto Folgiero, Fincantieri's CEO, emphasized the Group's historic involvement in submarine construction for the Italian Navy, underscoring their commitment to spearheading technological advancements in the underwater industry. This collaboration stands as a testament to Fincantieri's pivotal role in steering the technological evolution in this domain.

WSense's CEO, Chiara Petrioli, expressed the significance of this agreement in solidifying their technological leadership in submarine wireless telecommunications. The partnership positions WSense within Italy's exceptional ecosystem for underwater monitoring and control systems, offering substantial potential in the Blue Economy, particularly in safeguarding critical infrastructures.

This collaboration extends beyond technological advancements; it signals Italy's strategic vision in the Blue Economy. The National Underwater Dimension Pole exemplifies Italy's commitment to spearheading innovation and international leadership in the Internet of the Seas, with WSense's capabilities poised to contribute significantly.

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