Unveiling a Symbiosis: Allison's Orchestration with SANY

SANYImage Source: Allison Transmission


Allison Transmission, the unrivaled purveyor of fully automatic transmissions in the mining sector, has forged a transformative alliance with SANY. The collaboration entails the integration of Allison's cutting-edge ORS and WBD transmissions into SANY's arsenal of mining vehicles, including the formidable SANY SKT105 wide body mining dump truck and various other heavy-duty haulers.


This strategic liaison burgeons from SANY's discerning choice of Allison's transmissions, celebrated for their unparalleled potency, expeditious acceleration, and heightened operational finesse vis-à-vis their competitors. Lu Shiwei, Heavy Commercial Director at SANY, extols the virtues of Allison's transmissions, anticipating a quantum leap in productivity and maneuverability amid the arduous rigors of mining domains.

Allison, as the preeminent independent manufacturer of automatic transmissions for mining, exudes pride in this symbiotic integration. John Coll, Senior Vice President at Allison Transmission, affirms the strategic alignment with SANY's vision, setting sights on fortifying market dominion in the mining dump truck arena across Africa, Asia, and South America.


The nexus between Allison Transmission and SANY heralds a pinnacle in engineering synergy, promising a paradigm shift in mining vehicle dynamics. As this collaboration unfolds, the industry can anticipate heightened performance, enhanced efficiency, and an indomitable alliance poised to redefine mining vehicular prowess on a global scale.

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