Unveiling the US Greenhouse Gas Nexus

CO₂Image Source: NASA


During COP28, U.S. leaders introduced the US Greenhouse Gas Center, a collaborative hub providing essential data from NASA and other agencies. The center aims to enable informed climate decisions by offering greenhouse gas datasets, including emissions, sinks, and methane identification, fostering open-source exploration and advanced analysis tools.


At the United Nations Climate Conference (COP28), NASA Administrator Bill Nelson and EPA Administrator Michael Regan spearheaded the inauguration of the U.S. Greenhouse Gas Center, a pivotal initiative integrating vital data for climate preservation.

The center acts as a convergence point for various government bodies, nonprofits, and private sector entities, facilitating collaboration and providing comprehensive data sourced from the International Space Station, satellites, airborne missions, and ground stations.

NASA, in conjunction with the EPA, National Institute of Standards and Technology, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, orchestrated the center's foundation. It serves as a reservoir of curated greenhouse gas datasets and analysis tools, fostering a collective understanding of emissions and their management.

Argyro Kavvada, NASA's center program manager, emphasized the acceleration of Earth science data usage to address greenhouse gas management. The repository catalog covers human-induced emissions, natural sources, sinks, and major methane events, leveraging NASA's EMIT mission to detect methane gas release on Earth.

The datasets, algorithms, and supporting code within the center adhere to open-source principles, inviting testing, and analysis by anyone. It houses user-friendly interfaces for data analysis, encouraging interactive exploration and feedback to enhance its evolution.

This initiative aligns with the administration's overarching strategy, as outlined in the National Strategy to Advance an Integrated U.S. Greenhouse Gas Measurement, Monitoring, and Information System, fostering comprehensive greenhouse gas information enhancement.


The unveiling of the US Greenhouse Gas Center marks a significant stride towards collaborative, data-driven climate action. It establishes a platform fostering transparency, collaboration, and accessibility, pivotal in steering policy decisions and public understanding concerning greenhouse gas management.

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