Volgograd Voyage: Ruscon's Rail Revolution

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Ruscon and RZD Logistics have inaugurated a pioneering rail delivery service, connecting Volgograd to Novorossiysk. This collaboration, part of the Delo Group, introduces a regular monthly block train service transporting cargo from Volgograd's industrial giants to the port city. The strategic linkage facilitates optimal transportation solutions, emphasizing time and cost efficiency for customers in the Lower Volga region. The route's connection to the Black Sea opens gateways to the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, and India, marking a pivotal step in regional logistics development.


In a groundbreaking development for regional logistics, Ruscon, a subsidiary of the Delo Group, and RZD Logistics have unfurled a new chapter with the launch of a rail delivery service from Volgograd to Novorossiysk. The partners revealed that this service operates through a dedicated block train departing from Ruscon's terminal at Orlovka station in the Volgograd region, destined for the port city of Novorossiysk.

The inaugural shipment carried cargo from prominent industrial manufacturers in the Volgograd region, showcasing the diversity of goods, including chemical and industrial equipment. The service, designed to be a regular monthly occurrence, represents a significant advancement in optimizing transportation solutions for businesses in the Lower Volga region.

Sergey Berezkin, Head of Ruscon, underlined the strategic importance of establishing a regular train service to Novorossiysk, citing its crucial role in the development of Ruscon's terminal in Volgograd. "This advancement enables the provision of optimal transportation solutions, both in terms of time and cost, to customers in the Lower Volga region. The connection established with the Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, and India via the Black Sea is strategically advantageous," he stated.

The geographical significance of this rail connection extends beyond the immediate region, with plans for future expansions to include sea terminals across all Russian sea basins. Berezkin envisions a comprehensive network that not only strengthens regional connectivity but also enhances global trade routes through efficient and reliable rail services.

This collaboration between Ruscon and RZD Logistics underscores the commitment to advancing transportation infrastructure and promoting seamless connections between industrial hubs and key maritime gateways. The integration of rail services into the logistics landscape signifies a progressive step towards enhancing supply chain efficiency and fostering economic growth in the region.

As this rail service unfolds, linking Volgograd to Novorossiysk, it marks not just the commencement of a monthly transit routine but a transformative stride in the realm of logistics, promising enhanced connectivity and accessibility for businesses in the Lower Volga region.


The launch of the rail delivery service from Volgograd to Novorossiysk heralds a new era in regional logistics. Ruscon's collaboration with RZD Logistics brings forth a reliable and efficient transportation solution for businesses in the Lower Volga region, with the promise of optimized time and cost efficiency. The strategic connection to the Black Sea opens up avenues for global trade, positioning this initiative as a key driver of economic growth. As plans unfold for further expansions, including sea terminals across Russian sea basins, the ripple effect of this rail revolution is poised to resonate on both regional and international scales.

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