Wärtsilä Empowers China's Cruise Innovation

Adora Magic City
Adora Magic CityImage Source: Wartsila


Wärtsilä ANCS equips China's first domestically crafted cruise ship, Adora Magic City, with a suite of cutting-edge solutions, including automation systems, navigation gear, and propulsion technology. This integration heightens operational efficiency and safety, pioneering a new era in the Chinese cruise industry. The vessel, poised for its inaugural voyage in January 2024 from Shanghai, signifies a leap in China's shipbuilding prowess.


Wärtsilä ANCS, a segment of the technology giant Wärtsilä, has played a pivotal role in delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions to the Adora Magic City, China's inaugural domestically constructed cruise ship. The vessel now stands adorned with a spectrum of state-of-the-art systems, including the NACOS Platinum Valmatic automation and control system, navigation gear, engine control, and more. These installations not only augment operational efficiency but also elevate safety standards for the Adora Magic City, marking a significant milestone in the Chinese cruise industry.

The suite of offerings provided by Wärtsilä ANCS represents a paradigm shift in cruise technology, setting new benchmarks for the industry. Among the array of contributions, the delivery of the bow thruster system, dynamic trim system, and supply of essential cable and steel parts further underscores Wärtsilä's commitment to enhancing the vessel's performance and safety measures.

Thomas Heldarskard-winnerskjold, Director of Automation & Navigation at ANCS, expressed enthusiasm, citing the pivotal role played by ANCS in revolutionizing the cruise industry. The Adora Magic City, with its incorporation of innovative automation and navigation capabilities, stands as a beacon of China's shipbuilding advancement.

Echoing this sentiment, Zhou Qi, Project Manager at Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding under CSSC, emphasized the profound significance of the collaboration with Wärtsilä ANCS. The project not only symbolizes China's shipbuilding prowess but also marks a milestone in establishing new standards within the luxury cruising sector.

As the vessel gears up for its inaugural voyage from Shanghai on January 1, 2024, the culmination of this collaboration signifies a watershed moment in China's cruise industry.


Wärtsilä ANCS's technological contributions to China's Adora Magic City herald a new era in the country's cruise industry. The integration of cutting-edge solutions not only elevates operational efficiency and safety onboard but also showcases China's shipbuilding prowess on a global stage. The vessel's maiden voyage from Shanghai signifies a milestone collaboration that paves the way for enhanced standards in luxury cruising within China.

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