AlMgty®: Aluminium's Revolutionary Leap

AIMgtyImage Source: FEHRMANN


TriAlCo and FEHRMANN unite for a groundbreaking licensing agreement to manufacture AlMgty®, an innovative aluminium alloy set to redefine industries with its strength, versatility, and environmental sustainability. This partnership marks a pivotal shift in the North American aluminium landscape, promising cost-efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and groundbreaking applications.


TriAlCo, a dominant force in North American aluminium manufacturing, joins hands with FEHRMANN, an acclaimed innovator in aluminium alloy, establishing a landmark agreement. This pivotal collaboration heralds a transformative era in aluminium production and distribution.

AlMgty®, the brainchild of FEHRMANN, emerges as a game-changer across automotive, aviation, electronics, and consumer electronics sectors. Celebrated for its extraordinary strength, elongation, and corrosion resistance, this state-of-the-art alloy stands out for its anodizable nature in various colors. Its exceptional properties enable a weight reduction of 20 to 30 per cent, without compromising strength, making it the preferred choice in industries seeking efficient, lightweight materials. Produced solely using 100% hydropower, AlMgty® boasts the lowest carbon footprint, aligning seamlessly with global sustainability objectives.

From an economic perspective, AlMgty® promises over 10% cost reduction due to efficient component designs, minimized material usage, and decreased production expenses. Its versatility extends to casting, extrusion, and additive processes, making it adaptable to diverse industrial applications.

TriAlCo's licensing pact to manufacture and market AlMgty® signals a new chapter for forward-thinking foundries in the USA, Mexico, and Canada. This collaboration establishes a robust, environmentally conscious domestic supply chain for this revolutionary material, empowering innovative foundries in these countries.

Jay Armstrong, President of TriAlCo, remarked, "AlMgty® isn't just a product; it's a catalyst for change in the aluminium industry. Its blend of strength, sustainability, and efficiency sets a new standard for our clients."

Henning Fehrmann, Chairman and CEO of FEHRMANN, stated, "Our partnership with TriAlCo underscores our commitment to innovation and sustainability. AlMgty® is the culmination of extensive research and development, and we're thrilled to witness its impact across North America."


TriAlCo and FEHRMANN's collaboration to produce AlMgty® marks a revolutionary leap in aluminium manufacturing. This innovative alloy promises economic efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and diverse industrial applications. AlMgty® embodies strength, sustainability, and adaptability, setting a new benchmark in the aluminium industry's evolution.

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